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1969 VW Beetle


I've owned "Val" for nearly 20 years, after obtaining my driving licence she was my daily driver for a considerable time. Now in semi-retirement, and truly loved by my family, particularly my 4-year-old son Theo. Val performs much lighter duties, we enjoy her as much as we can as a family and attend as many shows as possible throughout the year. A particularly special moment was using her as our Wedding car back in the summer of 2017. The look I went for was inspired by the ex-Dave Rhoads owned Der Kleiner Panzers club car, and as with any classic car ownership, it’s been an ongoing project. Over the years of ownership, the car has been transformed bit by bit from a late 80's slammed resto bug to a nose-down California Look inspired streetcar. For reliability and a bit of extra poke, a newly built 1776cc engine has been installed featuring 69mm VW Crank. 90.5mm bore. VW 044 Heads mildly ported & polished. Scat C35 Cam, 1.25 Valvetrain with swivel feet adjusters. Cro-mol pushrods. Scat bigmouth adjustable pushrod tubes. Scat rocker covers modified with breather vents. CB straight cut timing gear. Genuine twin Italian Webber 40IDF carburettors. Bosch 009 Dizzy. CB extended sump. Upgraded oil pump. AS41 Type 3 Case has been tapped for full flow filtration via a Fram HP1 external filter 16-row oil cooler and Mocal wax stat. Bugpack mondo exhaust and merged header to help the gasses escape. The car is still fitted with its original 1300 stock transmission, stock height rear suspension but with the additional safety of a camber compensator installed, shock absorbers are KYB Gas and the front beam is stock width with adjusters welded in and wound down. The interior features an 80's throwback smoothed dash. Retrimmed seat covers, Gene Berg shifter, Autogauge monster tacho and various gauges. Externally there is no chrome trim, 1-piece windows and cal-look window rubbers all round. Wheels are replica BRM’s (5 x 205) with a wide 5 drum conversion, laced with Firestone 215/65/15 rear & Firestone F560’s 145/80/15 Front tyres.

Owned For:

19 Years

Future Plans:

Revert panels back to 69 spec. Fit Preservation Parts 4” Narrowed BallJoint front Beam, CSP Wide Five B/J disc upgrade.

Other VW's Owned:

This is my first and only…for now!

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