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1970 Racing Beetle


Rebuilt to 1965 spec to compete in Historic Touring Car Racing. 1285cc, 126 bhp at 7700rpm, running on Sunoco race fuel. 0-60 in 6.5 seconds. 15.0 second quarter mile. Top speed limited by gearing to 108 mph at 8000rpm. Competing against mini coopers, lotus cortinas and ford mustangs with a number of class wins it was the first VW Beetle to compete in Historic Touring Car Racing in the UK

Owned For:

6 Years

Future Plans:

Currently in the middle of a complete strip down and rebuild to shed another 80 kg to be competitive against the fastest mini coopers in the 1300cc class. Along with an engine rebuild. The new eingine has a one off 0 mm crankshaft to make 1299cc with aluminium 83mm barrels. The result should be around 140bhp at 900rpm

Other VW's Owned:

MK4 VW Golf- daily driver

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