Staff Vehicles: Clive - 72 1300 VW Beetle

Clive  photo


Email Marketing / T5-T6 Buyer


72 1300 VW Beetle


1600cc Twin Port Engine,

Future Plans:

Fully restore / restomod it and take it to some shows.

Other VW's Owned:

2008 VW Transporter T30 LWB

My Partner spotted an advert for a Beetle that was free to a good home and sent me the link despite previously saying to me “no more cars”! It was just a couple of miles away and with some message chat I discovered that the chap had been offered some money for the car so I asked if I could go and see it.

I immediately loved the car, a huge amount of work had already been done with one major exception being the engine in pieces on a workbench in their garage. A price was negotiated with the promise of a drive in the car for the previous owner once it has been put back on the road.

My initial plan was to have ‘Riley’ on the road by Christmas (2021) but with a baby due and a new kitchen needed at home this was clearly unrealistic!!! I want to drive to Volksworld in 2022 with it and I am determined for all the work to be done by then.

Watch this space as some restoration and modification takes place to bring this 50-year-old treasure back to the road


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