George and Mike

George and Mike

Written by the JK Team
Published 26 October 2023
Just Kampers

A bit about George and Mike

George and Mike have both been part of the JK family for 5 years. George is part of our Trade Sales team and Mike takes care of our Returns. Both avid campers, they enjoy taking time out sightseeing, catching up on Moto GP events and enjoying what the countryside has to offer. 

This isn't their first foray into VW ownership, they've owned a LWB 1.9 TDI T4 Transporter, a T25 and a selection of VW Golfs. The plan with their new T4 is to use it as a daily driver and get out in it as much as possible. 

About George & Mike's T4 Transporter

Year: 2003
Engine: 2500cc TDi
Accessories: Fiamma F45s 260, Just Kampers T4 Door Storage Card and a pair of Rear LED Lightbar Rear Lights.

What made you want to get a T4?

We had one before and travelled all over the UK in it, even though we only had it for 8 months. It was perfect for just chucking a bag in and disappearing for the weekend straight from work on a Friday, being at the beach by teatime. We sold it to get a motorhome because of the lack of facilities in it, and not having a pop top or awning it was quite difficult to get dressed etc. After a few years of owning the motorhome, we found that we missed the ease of wild camping and being able to go and access all areas/car parks etc without worrying about height restrictions, so started to look for a campervan again. We have done a couple of large European trips to Italy in the motorhome which can be quite expensive, the smaller van is better on fuel too and you have a wider range of places you can stop, so this will be ideal.

What made you want to get this T4?

It was very low mileage for it’s age (2003 with only 135k miles on the clock) and had the exact spec we wanted – a pop top, a full width rock n roll bed, electrics and windows/curtains already fitted. We have changed a few bits since we got it, we’ve changed the double front seat for a single seat with a swivel base for more room, and have fitted a Fiamma 45s awning to the side. We’ve also installed a diesel night heater, new tail lights, seat covers to contrast the outside, new all season tyres and changed the rear roof lights for dimmable touch lights for night time.

Did you notice any big differences driving the T4 compared to your Daily Driver?

Our previous daily drive was a 1.2 Corsa, this being a 2.5tdi it has loads more power so is a big difference!

Any future plans for your T4?

The only other plans we have is to change the rear springs as the van has been lowered and can be a bit uncomfortable over rough ground, installing solar and possibly changing the seating to a U shape set up further on down the line.

Will you be driving it through winter, or stashing it away?

As mentioned, it’s our daily driver so we’ll be driving all year round, testing those new tyres we bought and trying out the diesel heater!

Any advice for anyone who’s thinking about getting a T4?

Make sure you check the usual places for rust, around the screen, wheel arches, under the sliding door. Have a look at the various engine options available too, and make sure you choose one that would work for where you want to travel, there’s no point getting a 1.9 non-turbo diesel if you’re planning big trips across mountains/hills etc.

Just Kampers T4 Storage Pod
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