Special Offers and Deals on Chrome Bumpers from Just Kampers

We've got some great deals on a whole range of chrome bumpers for classic VWs, all available right now for quick dispatch from JK HQ here in Odiham, Hampshire. 

You'll find savings of up to £159, and everything from rubber impact strips to complete sets of front and rear chrome bumpers.

Take a look at our full range of chrome bumper deals below, or click on the button for your vehicle to jump straight to the deals you're interested in. 

Deals on Chrome Bumpers for your VW Beetle

 Looking to refresh the look of your Volkswagen Beetle? Or need to replace a damaged bumper? Either way, you'll find some great deals of chrome bumpers for Beetles from 1946 through to 1979 here at Just Kampers. 

This is just part of our full range of parts and accessories for the Beetle and other air-cooled cars. Click here to see our full VW Beetle range

Deals on Chrome Bumpers for your VW T2 Bay

Whether you've got an Early Bay or a Late Bay, you'll be able to get great deals on great quality chrome bumpers for your VW T2 Bay camper here at Just Kampers! 

There are even more Bay parts and accessories available at JK, so click here to view our full T2 Bay range

Deals on Chrome Bumpers for your VW T25

 You can get great deals on everything from rubber impact strips to complete front or rear bumpers in great quality chrome for your VW T25 here at Just Kampers. 

These special offers are just a small part of what we stock, so click here to see our full VW T25 range.

Get More Special Offers From Just Kampers 

We're dedicated to helping you get the parts and accessories you need to keep your VW on the road and ready for adventure, and to make sure you can get them at a great price. That's why we've always got a great selection of special offers and exclusive deals here at Just Kampers. 

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