JK Service Kits for Classic & Modern VWs

We're stocking a range of service kits and other essential items to help you keep your classic or modern VW on the road and ready for adventure. 

Whether you've got an oldschool air-cooled Volkswagen, or a brand new water-cooled Transporter, Just Kampers has the parts and the information you'll need to ensure your vehicle is in top shape. 

Each of these service kits includes a number of vital products, and will save you money over buying these components individually. Click here to see other money-saving bundle kits from JK

Free Service & MOT Booklet and Service Record Sticker

When you buy one of our JK Service Kits online at justkampers.com, you'll get a JK Service Record and MOT Guide Booklet and one of our JK Service Record Stickers for free! 

You'll be offered the change to add them to your basket for free when you go to check out, and they'll be added to your order without costing you a penny. 

The Service Record and MOT Guide Booklet will fit nicely in your VW's glovebox, and gives you information about what to check when you're servicing your classic Volkswagen, or getting it ready for an MOT test, as well as space to keep notes on what you've checked or replaced, when you did it, and when you'll need to take a look at it again. 

A lot of classic Volkswagens are excempt from needing an annual MOT test, but we still recommend getting them tested every year to make sure your vehicle is still in great shape. 

You'll also get a free JK Service Record Sticker, which we've designed to fit nicely into the inside edge of your VW's cab door. This makes it a really easy way to keep track of oil changes and basic engine services on your Volkswagen - and because it's stuck to your door, you won't be able to misplace it! 

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