Propex Heating Systems. Camper Van Heating

Installing a Propex heater to your classic or modern campervan is an excellent way to ensure your camper is always at a comfortable temperature. 

Relatively straightforward to install, the Propex Heatsource HS2000 is a popular heater with the JK Team, as well as Just Kampers customers around the world. 

There are different options available, depending on whether you want to control your Propex heater with a digital thermostat or an analogue dial, and whether you want the fitting kit included with your order. 

The Propex Heatsource system at a glance: 
• Can be powered by LPG, Propane or Butane, to give you flexibility with your fuels, depending on where you are and what's available,
• Only draws a small amount of 12v power from your vehicle battery, so it won't drain your battery while you're off on a camping adventure,
• Works whether you're parked up or driving, so it'll keep you and your camper cosy warm no matter what you're up to,
• Designed to be as compact as possible, giving you multiple options for where to install it within your camper,
• Runs quietly, so it won't disturb your sleep or cause any odd noises in your campervan. 

Take a look at the Propex Heatsource HS2000 range below, available from Just Kampers. 

Take a look at Just Kampers' Propex Heatsource range below:

Propex Heater HS2000 Bundle Kits from Just Kampers

We've put together these money-saving Propex HS2000 bundle kits to help you enjoy the luxury of central heating in your camper with minimal fuss, giving you all the parts and pieces you need to instal and operate your Propex Heater all in one order. 

The Propex HS2000 is ideal for classic VW campervans, modern Volkswagen Transporters, and all sorts of campervan conversions. Designed to be tucked away inside a cupboard or underneath a bed, you'll have plenty of options on where to mount your Propex heater and where to locate the heat outlets.

Take a look at the range of Propex HS2000 bundle kits at Just Kampers below: 

Propex Heaters at Just Kampers

We aren't just stocking the Propex HS2000, either - many of our customers need something a little different, which is why we're also stocking the HS2000E, HS2800, and the Propex HS2211.

The Propex HS2000E works on either gas or mains electricity, which is ideal if you're going to be camping in places with a mains hook-up, or you don't have a 12v leisure battery installed; while the HS2800 is simply a larger version of the HS2000, more suitable for larger campervan conversions, motorhomes or even boats. 

The Propex HS2211 is mounted beneath the vehicle, rather than inside it. This is ideal if space is at a premium within your campervan, and you just can't find space inside a cupboard or beneath a bed to fit a Propex HS2000. 

Check out the extended range of Propex Heaters available at Just Kampers below: 

Propex Heater Accessories at Just Kampers

There are a range of different accessories available for Propex heaters to really help you make the most of your central heating system. Whether you're after an additional outlet for the warm air produced by your Propex Heater, a digital thermostat which will allow you to pre-warm your camper before you even get in it, or a Vehicle In Motion (VIM) bracket to make using your Propex even safer? Then check out Just Kampers' range of Propex Heater accessories here:

More about Propex

Propex have been designing and manufacturing their heating systems in the UK for more than 35 years. All of their air heaters and water heaters comply to all UK and EU safety standards, and their commitment to quality and safety remains strong to this day. 

We first added the Propex HS2000 to our range here at Just Kampers when our Sales Director, Shaun, was looking for a way to keep his VW T2 Bay warm while he drive it to JK HQ during the winter months. He bought himself one, fitted it himself, had it checked over by a registered gas technician, and hasn't looked back since! 

Shaun was so impressed with the HS2000 that we added it to our range, and have added more and more Propex heaters and accessories since then. 

Propex are based in Ringwood, which is only about an hour away from JK HQ in Hampshire, and it's great to see that their commitment to creating excellent quality products in the UK lines up with our own. 

Click here to see the full Propex range available at Just Kampers