Preservation Parts Panels


Just Kampers have created the Preservation Parts range of panels to give you access to top-quality metalwork created right here at JK HQ in the UK. 

Our exclusive range of Preservation Parts panels are hand-made by a team of highly skilled metalworkers with decades of experience producing panels for luxury and classic vehicles.  

If you’re tired of sub-standard and ill-fitting low-cost panels then Preservation Parts has the answer, with a wide range of quality body panels in stock, we also manufacture stainless steel exhausts, chassis parts and front beams for your VW. 

Each of these panels is created on-site right here in Odiham, Hampshire, by a team of coachbuilders in the unit next to JK HQ - you can literally walk between the two businesses through an adjoining door, which makes re-stocking nice and easy!

All of the panels we create for the Preservation Parts range is made to the exact original specification, using the same techniques, as the original parts from Volkswagen. This means that you're getting the best quality panels, made from the correct gauge and quality of steel, which will fit perfectly without any modifications or faffing around. 

Check out our range of Preservation Parts panels:

We caught up with Fintan, who leads the team of expert metalworkers creating these panels, when Preservation Parts turned 10 years old in 2022:


Take a look at our range of top-quality VW T2 Splitscreen panels and metalwork, hand-made as part of our Preservation Parts range exclusively for Just Kampers. Each and every one of them has been created by skilled and experienced coachbuilders, using the correct gauge of steel and the original dimensions and specifications from Volkswagen, to make keeping your T2 Split in top shape as easy as possible.

Check out this great range of Preservation Parts metalwork and panels for your VW T2 Bay, made in the UK exclusively for Just Kampers. We've been producing our own hand-made Bay Window campervan panels since 2012, which are all created with the correct gauge of steel, to the exact specifications which Volkswagen used originally. 

Buying our Preservation Parts panels for your VW Bay is a great way to invest in the future of your camper, by fitting some of the absolute best quality metalwork available to your beloved T2.