Preservation Parts Engines

Just Kampers are stocking a range of rebuilt engines for your air-cooled VW, which are built to an incredibly high specification. 

We've got short block and turnkey options available, depending on what you need for your classic Volkswagen - you'll find links to both below. 

Whether you're busy restoring your Beetle, want to upgrade your VW T2 Bay, or you've blown up your original engine, our range of Preservation Parts engines is an excellent investment in your beloved Volkswagen. 

Each engine is carefully assembled by an experienced team of engineers who thoroughly test each element and component before it's finished and sent off to you. 

Turnkey Air-Cooled Engines from Preservation Parts

These top-quality turnkey engines are made in the UK for Just Kampers, as part of our Preservation Parts range. Invest in a brand-new turnkey engine to get your classic VW back on the road, or improve its performance. 

There are 1600cc, 1641cc, and 1776cc options available, all of which can be built for either a VW Beetle or a VW T2 Camper - whether it's a T2 Splitscreen or T2 Bay. 

These engines come with a standard exhaust system, as well as the carbs, plugs, wiring, accessories, and other components already in place, set up and tested, so you can install your new engine and hit the road straight away.  

Please call the JK Team on 01256 86 22 88 to check availability and vehicle details before you order, so we can get the right engine with the right components sent out to you. 

These engines feature: 

• New heavy-duty autolinea crank case,
• New big valve cylinder heads with all new Stainless Steel valves, 40 x 35.5, new springs, tops and collets,
• New mild road camshaft & new cam gear,
• New cam followers,
• New AA piston and liners 90.5mm,
• New Crankshaft fitted with new crank drive gears,
• All New Silverline main, big end & cam bearings,
• Original Genuine VW con rods inspected for twist, alignment & balance,

• New small end bushes,
• Original Genuine VW push rods,
• New bolt-up rocker assemblies,
• New heavy-duty oil pump,
• New Stainless Steel push-rod tubes,
• Full Elring gasket set and NGK spark plugs,
• New rocker covers,
• New 200mm flywheel,
• New oil cooler.

The ancillary package: 

• Twin 34 ict Weber carb kit with CSP bell crank linkage,
• Malpassi fuel pressure regulator,
• Fuel cut-off solenoid including wiring, fuse and connectors to coil,
• Distributor with Ignitor 1 electronic ignition,
• Vintage speed exhaust,
• Exhaust fitting kit,
• Complete tinware package in satin black,
• Billet alternator and crank pulleys including, shims, spacers, nuts and bolts,
• Heat exchangers,
• Coil & bracket,
• Alternator,
• Alternator pulley, spacer and nut,
• Alternator stand with oil filler/breather, filler cap & grand nut,

• Ignition leads & clips,
• Cooling fan with hub kit,
• Oil cooler and pedestal,
• Air pipe, clips, collars & grommets,
• Manual fuel pump, rod and pedestal,
• Vacuum pipe,
• Fuel filter & some fuel hose/pipe,
• Fan belt,
• Throttle tube,
• Ancillary clips, nuts and bolts,
• Dipstick,
• Spark plugs.

VW Beetle Turnkey Engines from Preservation Parts


VW T2 Split Turnkey Engines from Preservation Parts

VW T2 Bay Turnkey Engines from Preservation Parts

Short Block Air-Cooled Engines from Preservation Parts

What specs are available with Preservation Parts' short block engines?

We're stocking a range of different engines for VW Beetles and the VW T2 Bay, including a 1600cc engine, an upgraded 1641cc engine and a 1776cc engine. You can check out the specifications below, as well as see which parts are new, and which are reused OEM parts. 

These short block engines are non-running, and will need additional building and attention when they arrive with you. Please check the specifications below to see what you will and will not receive included with your new short block engine.

If you're at all unsure of what you need, or which components you may need to source seperately, give the JK Team a call on 01256 86 22 88 to check availability and vehicle details before you order - we're here to help! 

• New heavy duty Autolinea crank case,
• New twin port heads with stainless valves,
• New camshaft & new cam gear,
• New cam followers,
• New AA barrels and pistons,
• VW crank with new drive gears,
• All new Silverline bearings,
• Original VW con rods,

• New small end bushes,
• VW push rods and rocker gear,
• New heavy duty oil pump,
• New stainless steel push rod tubes,
• Elring gasket set and Bosch plugs,
• New rocker covers,
• New 200mm flywheel,
• New oil cooler,
• Supplied with all necessary fitting gaskets.