Engine Fire Fighter

Fire Fighter

We’ve been looking for a simple to fit, cost-effective fire suppression system to fit to our own VWs but baulked at the price of some of the products on the market. So we went out looking for the right product at the right price and are pleased to introduce exclusively to Just Kampers, The Engine Fire Fighter.

Our VWs are part of the family, a lot of time and emotional investment is tied up in our vehicles. The Engine Fire Fighter is designed to protect you and your vehicle should an engine fire develop. Featuring a pressurised flexible tube containing FE-36, a non-corrosive non-toxic, environmentally friendly agent that leaves no residue in the event of activation. Even after 4 tests, we reassuringly found minimal damage to our test engine.

The Engine Fire Fighter is a simple and effective way to put out engine fires, that you may not even know are happening on a rear-engine vehicle. And takes less than 10 minutes to fit and no tools are required. Available in two lengths, either 2m or 3m, the tube system is easy to install using the supplied ties and requires no other power or external trigger. In the event of a fire, the tube will activate when the temperature reaches 120 degrees Celsius extinguishing a fire and protecting you and your pride and joy.

We recommend the 2-metre length for smaller engine bays such as the Beetle or Type 3.

Fire Fighter