Preservation Parts Outer Valance Brazilian Bay

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Quality Preservation Parts product. They produce their range for Just Kampers on site at JK HQ right here in our home Odiham, Hampshire. This replacement outer valance for Brazilian Bays was designed by us and then handed over to Preservation Parts for them to manufacture. We make them to exactly match the original parts, as they were made by VW.

At a glance:

  • Parts powder coated in paint to keep them in pristine condition as they’re shipped and stored,
  • The parts are made using the original dimensions for an accurate fit every time,
  • Made using high-quality steel, sourced form the UK,
  • Designed by JK and manufactured by Preservation Parts, ever-growing relationship developing since 2012,
  • Precise fitting parts keep your vehicle body healthy, no excess pressures or warping occurs as a result of poor fitment.

Please note, these parts are manufactured to fit perfectly to the shape of your van, as it left the factory. These parts may require modification, if your classic has been subject to prior modifications over the years. Alteration may need to be done, to perfectly suit your long lived camper. 

Preservation Parts Outer Valance for Brazilian Bay

Preservation Parts produce quality products which perfectly replicate the originals, as dispatched by the manufacturer. If you’re in need of a new outer valance for your Brazilian bay, look no further!

The experts of their trade at PP have taken the time to produce a high-quality outer valance that will stand up against the test of time. The area is common to rust on occasion and it’s a good idea to replace the part once you begin to see rust forming.

This panel measures approximately 95.5 cm in length, 13 cm in width and measures 2.5 cm deep.

Why should I replace my existing classic part?

The outer valance is a key part of the vehicle body as it plays a role in preventing the rear of the vehicle from flexing too much. So when rust begins to take its toll, you can swap it out easy with our perfect fitting replacement. To prevent that from happening again, you can protect your new valance with our cavity wax.

You can find some on our website, under the part numbers J45989 and J41225.

Best suited to air-cooled Brazilian made Bays.

Preservation Parts metalwork like this are made right here in the UK, in the unit which joins on to JK HQ in the Hampshire countryside.