Power Management System Wiring Kit (With Voltage Sensing Split Charge) VW T4 1990–2003, T5 2003–2015

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Power management wiring kit. Supplied with a pre-wired 140 amp voltage sensing split charger. Also included is the wiring to convert a standard VW T4 or T5. Supplied with fitting instructions. The voltage sensing solid state relay only allows current to flow between both batteries once the main vehicle battery is charging above 13.7 volts it will automatically disconnect both batteries when the voltage drops bellow 12.8 volt

The battery mounts by the offside rear wheel arch with a compressor fridge mounted behind the drivers seat, wiring to connect a water pump with in line switched tap, harness for a 12 volt TV wiring to the power management board, wiring to mount a light switch located next to the nearside door then up into the roof to take 6 individual LED lights.