Pair of Quick Release Battery Terminals with Release Levers

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This pair of high-quality quick release battery terminals are ideal for a number of uses on any vehicle. Each one features a simple lever, which makes removing the terminals and disconnecting your battery quick, easy and safe.

The quick-release terminals are made from zinc, galvanised steel and lead. They’re also colour-coded with paint, to make it easier to identify which terminal belongs on which side of the battery – black for negative, red for positive.

How to use them:

• Simply lift the lever to open the clamps,

• Slide onto the battery post,

• Tighten the terminal until it fits snugly, using the thumb nut,

• Press down the lever to lock the terminal in place.

When you want to remove the terminals, just lift the lever again and you’ll be able to easily slide them off the battery post.

Why you’d need them: A pair of quick release battery terminals will make it both faster and safer to disconnect and isolate your vehicle battery if you’re doing electrical work on your vehicle. It’s always recommended that you have your battery disconnected if you’re doing any work on the wiring, to avoid injuring yourself.

Similarly, these quick release terminals are great for leisure batteries, especially if you want to easily disconnect and isolate the battery for storing your campervan, motorhome or RV away for the winter months, or if you’re not going to be using it for a while.