Pair of Curtains for Rear Offside Window (right) VW Caddy Maxi from 2003 - 2020 (LWB)

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Transform your vehicle with a set of new curtains! Curtains are an important part of your home, so why should that be any different for your home away from home? There are many benefits to fitting these to the inside of a van, which we will unpack below.

These are to cover the rear right window on the VW Caddy Maxi built from 2003 onwards, with a long wheelbase.

These curtains will last you years, and luckily, we chose a colour that will be easy to work into any furniture theme within the van if you tend to change it up from year to year.


• Made from jersey fabric – Hard-wearing and stretchy to achieve a pleated look,

• Pre-formed rails – Easy and quicker to fit than straight rails, • Fittings included – You can install your curtains straight out the box,

• Dual layers – A black layer is outward facing to absorb light and heat,

• Conforms to 95/28 EC standard – Safe to use, high quality and approved for fire resistance,

• Opaque material – Blocks light, you don’t need to rise as soon as the sun does.

The curtains:

These sliding door curtains are for the right rear side and are made to fit the VW Caddy Maxi from 2003 onwards, with a long wheelbase. They are made in conjunction with the vehicle measurements, so that they fit like a glove! They will fit most VW Caddy conversions of this age and spec. We sell these as a pair, and they are supplied with all the bits and bobs you’ll require to fit them.

Side curtains are ideal as they enable you to control the direction that light can access your van, this is useful if you’re on the go and subsequently moving pitch every day. In addition, rear side curtains can be used alongside rear door curtains, and you can completely blackout the rear of your van.

This is ideal if you require the van to sleep in. You can allocate yourself a bedroom compartment. The pre-shaped tracks make our curtains a timesaving and therefore effective choice to make. Most market competition require you to bend the track yourself.

Jersey fabric:

Jersey fabric is a great choice of material for these curtains due to the high-quality and durability. By using a hard-wearing fabric, we ensure these curtains have longevity over competitor products. Don’t prioritise style over substance when choosing curtains! What we mean by this is that we encourage you to first think about how these will benefit your camping lifestyle as opposed to focussing on the design. Despite this, we believe these hit both aspects on the head.

This material hangs nicely between the rails, once installed they demonstrate a pleasing drape effect. This makes the material very dense which ensures the quality of several properties. This includes insulation and light blocking quality, if you’re camping on those cold mornings then you’ll appreciate the comfort which these provide.

This also means you can stretch the curtain fabric and even under stress, will not reduce its light blocking ability. The material features a dual layer composition, the grey layer faces in and a black layer faces outward. The black layer absorbs heat from the sun and that is then transferred inside the van. The grey layer is more elastic which helps create the pleated effect due to it being stretched between the two rails.

Insulation works both ways; our curtains are also successful at preventing high heat entering the van during the summer. The fabric also conforms to the 95/28 EC standard, this means it’s been tested and approved for flame resistance. Enjoy the comforting feel of curtains with a modern twist of minimalism. The stone-grey is a neutral colour that will complement most van conversion interiors.

The Rails and Fittings:

All our curtains come with the pre-formed aluminium rails and all required fittings. This includes screws, end stops and gliders. To install the curtains, you use the pre fitted gliders which are sewn to the curtains – you are also provided with spares.

These slip onto the rail and are secured by the end caps. It’s a simple installation process. The end caps prevent you from removing the curtains from the rail when you open them in the morning. The curtains will require being stretched quite firmly between the rails; this is what forms the pleated look.

Please note: These are fitted by twisting them into place.

You may find it useful to know:

Our curtains are supplied with pre-drilled and pre-formed rails and all necessary fittings. These make the fitting process simpler and quicker for the average fitter. We advise these are installed by professionals or conversion garages. Our curtains are a perfect fit for most custom conversions. Please Note: These curtains need to be stretched when fitting, which provides the pleated look.