380 Stop/Tail Bulb 12V 21/5W Beetle 1968–1998 T2 Split 1967 T2 Bay 1967–1979 T25 1979–1992 T4 1990–2003 T5 2003–2015 T6

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Quality Ring product. Dual filament, 12v, 21/5w automotive 380 bulb for tail and brake lights. Fits 12v VWs from 1967 to present.

Ring Automotive is dedicated to helping motorists, technicians and commercial vehicle specialists get more from vehicles. They are constantly innovating to bring high performance, ground-breaking technology to motorists and professionals alike. Their heritage is in high specification lighting and trade products. We understand that professionals need products that perform to an exceptional standard and that can take the pace in a tough working environment. 

Please Note: These have staggered mounting pins, so please check the pins on your existing bulb before ordering.