M8 Single Coil Spring Washer

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M8 coil spring washer. Ideal for a number of uses on your VW.

Ideal for using :

Washer 8mm for clutch bolt (N01-023-911) -

Beetle Washer locking tie rod clamp (111-415-841/A) -

Beetle Locking washer anti roll bar mount 8mm (133 2487 142) -

Beetle>7/73.Chassis Washer locking tie rod adjustment clamp -

Beetle 1302/03 all years Washer locking vertical bolt tie rod mount -

Beetle 1303 75> Washer locking rear anti roll bar bracket - Beetle 68> Washer master cylinder to front cross panel - Beetle Washer clutch to flywheel 8mm -

Bay Washer tie rod clamp -

Bay Washer brake pedal to lever arm -

Bay Washer brake pedal rod clamp -

Bay Washer new bumper irons to new rear bumpers with plate fixings -

Bay 8/67-7/72 Washer clutch to flywheel 8mm -

Split Washer locking two halves of silencer bracket waterboxer - T25 85>

Washer for folding seat in multivan - T4