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MaxxShade Plus Roller Blind for MaxxFan Vent (LED Lighting)

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Quality MaxxAir product. Enhance your interior with some liveness and vitality; install MaxxFan Roof Vent and let in the natural light! Once you’ve embellished your vehicle with a MaxxFan roof vent, you may find it beneficial to compliment it with a MaxxShade Roller Blind!


At a glance

• Built with true compatibility. Perfectly fits to your MaxxFan Vent in matching colour,

• The fully retractable, spring-loaded roller shade for helps to provide smooth operation,

• Built with a snap-lock closure. Your blind stays closed when you need to block out light,

• Can be used in conjunction with normal operation of the vent or ventilation fan,

• Use the existing garnish ring for a super easy installation.


Features and user experience

Reflective backing – The multi-faced fabric shade is compiled from individual materials. These textiles have varying characteristics, which influence the overall performance of the MaxxShade. The fabric visible from within your vehicle boasts a vibrant shade of white, which is easily incorporated into the colour scheme of your existing MaxxFan unit.

The upward facing side of the MaxxShade is laced with a reflective backing, which helps to reflect sunlight and heat away from your interior. A perfect solution to those warmer days in your camper!

The reflective backing is similar in performance to our Just Kampers exclusive Thermomat Kits. To take a look at how these work, follow this link to our webpage!

Built-in LED lighting – Manufactured with integrated LED ambient lights, compatible with 12 V powered ventilation systems. Inbuilt feature of the MaxxShade Plus model, integrated LED strip sits behind the white exterior that frames the roller blind. LEDs provide a subtle aid in visibility; a perfect and quick option for quietly navigating your RV in the night, without disturbing others.

Snap-lock feature – The blind stays shut when locked in place, so that you can rest assured that you’re protected from the bright sun on hot days. Super ideal for when you’re relaxing in the living area, or even on the move. The snap-lock closing will prevent our blind from rolling itself open, even while your vehicle is in motion.

Sourced from various reviews: users of the MaxxShade claimed to have experienced premium quality from their product. MaxxShade customers were pleased to see the product effectively blocks unwanted light and accommodates for sufficient airflow, while the blind is in use.


Fitting information

Vast compatibility – Easily installed to existing MaxxFan Vents. Simply apply the blind via the four existing screw holes. Can be fitted to different MaxxFan models; the vibrant white fabric perfectly complements the variable monochromatic colour scheme which ripples through their products range.

Will perfectly fit MaxxFan roof vents with the following dimensions:

• 400 mm x 400 mm (16 x 16 inches),

• 356 mm x 356 mm (14 x 14 inches).


The MaxxAir made, MaxxShade Roller Blind is perfectly made to suit the dimensions of various MaxxFan models. Truly a perfect and versatile option for those who’d like to alter the level of ambient light which enters the vehicle, via their ventilation system. Super simple to install and a flattering additional accessory, with the option of ambient lighting evoked by LEDs.

If you’ve got a MaxxFan product, which falls within the compatible dimensions, this simple to use and convenient product will surely improve your current camping setup!