Devon moonraker - yellow and cream

I am selling my Y registered yellow/cream Devon Moonraker
2 litre, CU type engine, twin carb, electronic ignition.
The tappets are not hydraulic.

Heat exchangers, heater tubes and clutch were replaced about four years ago.
Heater cables not fitted but can be supplied.

Tyres are in good condition.

Towbar with 7 pin socket fitted.

Unique VW grille above fridge.

Last year in June I had reconditioned carbs from Mechatechnic in France fitted and it has made a huge difference to the way it runs.

At the same time I also had a new fuel tank with all the tubes and seals (from JK) fitted (but not expansion tanks) so it no longer stinks when I fill it up!

Just recently the cv bolts in the rear offside wheel hub became loose and I had a mechanic replace all the loose ones that he could. Unfortunately one was sheared off and he could not remove the broken part of the stud but all others were replaced.

All the doors (apart from the tailgate) need repair / replacement but still work.

Interior is shabby, all interior hinged doors are faulty or missing, lids to sink, cooker and storage cavity are good.

The centre and rear elevating roof hinges have come away from the van, centre hinge due to rust, the rear was because the rivets snapped and the fibreglass roof is currently strapped on. The striped fabric roof cloth is original and looks it’s age but intact.

The cooker, sink and fridge are still in the van and I still have the blue water tank and table.

The plastic rear storage tray over the engine bay is broken.

It was MOTd in late July ‘23 and is still on the road and I am using the van once or twice a week to get to work and various errands but my lack of knowledge, skill and workshop space has made me decide to sell it to someone who knows about these vans.
Located in Brighton.
Asking for £1500.
Mobile 07968 111905
Many Thanks.


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