1990 VW T25 Komet Autocamper

This quirky high top Komet autocamper van has been the joy of our life for over a decade. She's been as far north as Skye, west to the Lizard and as far south as Rome, inc Swiss & French Alps, Austria, Germany and Holland, but she's loves nothing better then finding a quiet little hidden spot amongst the hedgerows and wet forests of England.

The odometer is 190k, but she is actually on her 3rd engine. The previous owner had to replace the original diesel but with one seriously underpowered, so we had a new petrol engine built based on a 90s VW Golf, so she does sound a little throaty but can handle those steep hills now.

Most of our investments has gone into the mechanical sides of things, so there are top quality silica piping replacing the original old rubber pipes that were worn so badly they would pop at the slightest notice.

Also we added a solar panel, with inverter, so, as long as the sun is out, you can charge your phone, tablet, run a fan even if it's sunny enough. The solar regulator will keep you informed. Plus swapped out the side mirrors for convex which works treat.

Both the main and leisure batteries were replaced last year.

Our most recent Mot was jan/feb, so she has a good 10 months go. But tbh the last couple of Mot's have been surprisingly good for 35 year old vehicle.

We are being forced to sell because of Sadie Khan and has political ego extending ULEZ even after promising not to when we voted for him.

On the downside, because we live in a quiet South London block, we have had limited access to a proper garage, so I've not been able to do clean any exterior rust and respray or do much work on fixing the inevitable wear and tear. Mechanical she is sound as a pound, but will need some love and attention cosmetically.

We based the price on what our insurers valued it as, but since it is parked down in East Devon, we are open to offers for a quick sale. You're more than welcome to come and looksee and even take a test drive even if we are in London as my Mum lives in the town down here has the keys.

Other benefits. It's power steering (an absolute joy), a blue tooth stereo, and a a whole bunch of quirks the give her her character. Also there will be various tools, a new replacement fuel filter (which it hasn't needed so far), fitted pop on blackout 'curtains. Full gas canister, plus an empty spare. The fridge is the original.. it can run work on electric, but it works much better on gas. The stove and grill are all gas too.

We really don't want to sell, but until we move out of London, we no longer have the opportunity to use it, as she needs someone to love her.


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