Totally Original Low Mileage T2

Opportunity to own a totally original, very low mileage, classic 1977 Volkswagen VW T2 Bay Window Camper Van. Original 2 litre engine with less than 59,000 miles on the clock!

Imported from Germany in 2005.

We have owned and cared for the van for 19 years and done less than a thousand miles a year over that period. It has been garaged the whole time, other than the trips to Cornwall or the local beaches in Devon.

This camper van is in excellent working condition and amazingly, in all our 19 years, she has NEVER broken down! A truly unique van. We have had her serviced each year which has no doubt helped.

She is also the envy of just about every other campervan owner we meet because the interior is totally original (other than the stereo). The fittings, seats, rock-n-roll bed, material etc - all original Westfalia. We’ve even had people who have ‘upgraded’ their interior, say they wish they could have their van looking like ours! 

The van with also comes with a specific pop-up awning made by Kyham. It connects to the roof lip over the sliding door and can allow for easy drive away and leave. It’s an amazing piece of kit as it’s fully erected and usable in under 10 minutes! Has a lounge area and separate bedroom compartment for two.

We have been informed the van has quite a rare extra opening side window to the drivers side (left) - very useful in the mornings when you wake up and want a little fresh air.

The rarer 2 litre manual transmission has more power than its smaller engine counterparts. We’ve never pushed her above 60mph but it’s on the hills that we notice the difference.

We had work done on the body and a re spray 10 years ago, which included under seal. There are a couple of small patches or rust just starting to show now, so a minor job for an enthusiast. The small pop-up is in fully working condition with opening vents and again, all original. It also needs a little bit of work.

It has a sleeping capacity of 2. The LHD (left-hand drive) arrangement adds to its uniqueness and charm. 
This totally original Volkswagen VW T2 Bay Window Camper Van is a must-have for any genuine VW enthusiast. 

We are advertising her on a few sites so please don’t wait too long. We think she will sell quickly.


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