"SteVan" Volkswagen T4 SWB 1.9TD

SteVan” – the perfect adventure wagon. A practical self build with plenty of storage space for bikes, boots and gear, and a spacious bed for a good night sleep after a day out exploring. We are very sad to part with Stevan, however we are emigrating to Australia, and therefore need to find our beloved Stevan a new home!

5 Gears
Full service History
MOT until January 2024
Recently developed a slightly temperamental ignition barrel due to a garage using the wrong key! So van can take a couple turns of key but engine starts every time when barrel works, we have intended to get this fixed but are running out of time as are leaving in a couple of weeks.
Cambelt, Waterpump & serpentine belt replaced within last year.
Really good condition frame. Had a small patch of rust on the sliding door track last year, which we had cut away and a new plate welded. Sinc, we have had no issues.
Dent in passenger side door that was there before we got him. We always intended to buy a replacement door with a window that you can pick up for ~£100, but never got round to it.

Beds Description
Full width double bed platform in the back, 160CM wide, my partners 6ft and it’s long enough for him to sleep comfortably. Custom made cushions that function as bed and chairs when in “table mode”. Super spacious – could sleep 3 if you’re good friends!

Conversion Description
As climbers and cyclists, we designed Stevan’s conversions to be the ultimate adventure wagon – with heaps of storage and room for 2 bikes. The front section, by the side door, is the “garage section” this has space for two bikes to be strapped to the drivers seats, plus muddy boots and gear. We also keep two 20L water containers here that can come with the van. This section has a hard wearing flooring that’s designed to get muddy. The rear of the van converts between a bed & a dining table (See pictures). This consists of two lift up chest storages where you can keep things that need to stay clean and dry – like clothes and bedding! – and a pull out kitchen with hob & utensil storage that allows you to cook under the tailgate. Stevan also comes with black out curtains at the back and fitted black out window covers for front. He is fitted with a 110AH leisure battery under the drivers seat, charged by a split relay. This powers USB sockets & interior & tailgate lighting.


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