1967 LHD Split Screen Double Door Van probably never carried anything in the cargo area

First this is in Cornwall, 5 miles from Truro, and I will help with shipping overseas

As the title says, this is a 1967 double door splitcreen van that has never carried anything in the back, and rarely carried a passenger either.
Found by "Freddie" or is it Freddy? in Italy and brought to the UK in 2020
The story, as told, is the guy bought 3 vans in 1967, 2 were used for his business and this one he drove to his shop and home each day. Freddie spent 7 years trying to buy it. got it back to the UK at the start of Covid and sold it to cover some building costs which is when I bought it.
We've used it on a TV set and kept it inside our unit.
Drivers seat is worn, drivers floor mat and door panel is worn and so to is the paint on the drivers door where he no doubt had his arm out the window.
Passenger seat looks like its never been sat in, the rear cargo floor is as near to as it left the factory as is possible complete with all the rubber bungs etc.
It has the cab divider and also the plastic covers over the rear hinges all intact.
Original paint, original key and leather wallet.
Roof is very straight, still has both belly pans intact 1 has a small welded patch approx 2cm by 5cm
Side loading doors open and close and have the best gaps I've seen on one of these.
Front doors open and close nice.
Original spot welds visible on the rear wheel arches
Hinges have the rubber grommets in them still
Dent in right rear corner higher up, few scrapes on the side that dents away would remove the majority off.
Battery tray will need work, and you will find other minor bits I am sure but there are no big holes or old repairs visible.
Bottom edge of sills has been painted up to about 5cm from bottom edge. I was told this was due to them having black paint on them and it was cleaned off and painted, not sure if there was some work done.
Starts and drives, would check brakes as weve not driven it more than 5 mile in 2 years
It probably should go to a museum or collection as they are only original once and I doubt you will ever find one like this.


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