1973 RHD T2 Westfalia

I have owned ‘Mr Happy’ (not my choice), since early 2018. The engine was replaced with a 1640 VW Heritage engine in 2014 (see photo). Current mileage is 18,266 – so the engine has covered 16 thousand miles (see engine bay photo) – although this may increase slightly, as I will use it intermittently until it’s sold. It has twin Weber carbs, a fire suppression system in the engine bay and has been well serviced by the previous owner , who owned it for fourteen years (plenty of receipts etc from Absolute VW at Donnington). Regular (annual) services have been undertaken by Type 2 Detectives, Doktor Dub and more recently, Jason at Dubs & Classics near Ely Cambridgeshire, since taking ownership myself. I also regularly make oil changes (at least every 2 thousand miles) and the last service was in July 2022 and oil changes at the same time, before my wife and I completed a 1200 mile round-trip to Bordeaux at the end of July 2022. The only stops were for petrol and to reset the points on one occasion, as they had closed up, due to a new rotor arm being fitted before the trip. It is good on fuel and has no oil seepage, apart from when I forget to re-tighten the sump drain nuts. I have included photographs of the bubbling around the bodywork, but as can be seen, the bodywork overall is excellent and I have just applied Collinite for the winter. Underneath, there was some welding over a decade ago, but all of the above garages have commented that the condition and solidity is excellent (for example, the jack-points all work perfectly). The underside was waxoiled in 2020 and is still good for at least another 12 months. Internally, apart from the front seats (MGF and very comfy), the fittings are as they were almost 50 years ago, with the exception of the covers – underneath the green are the original yellow ochre seat coverings and upper bunk covering – all of which have no marks or tears etc. The pop-top canvas is in good condition and will certainly last for a few more years yet. There is a Billy seat and although there is no fridge unit, I am happy to include a new Halfords 40L electric cool box. It is too noisy to sleep next to, in my opinion, but as I am also including a Khyam drive-away awning in the sale, this should not present a problem. Full electric hook-up and internal switch for external hook-up to awning (lights, cool-box etc). Various spares will be included in the sale if desired, as I will no longer be taking camping holidays – I am much older than the van! Both starter battery and leisure were replaced in June 2022 (receipts available) and I have also retained the older Yuasa starter battery, which retains full charge for months.This is a genuine van and a genuine sale, so any questions and drive-outs (with me at the wheel) will be my pleasure, within reason. Plenty of other photographs are available on request and I am always happy to answer any questions. The van has a guaranteed insurance value certificate for the asking price and all work detailed on the current MoT will be completed if sale price is satisfactory to both parties. Philip.


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