1990 Holdsworth Conversion, pop-up top. 1.9 automatic 12 months MOT

1.9 engine


Right hand drive

Original interior in good condition

Holdsworth conversion

Reimo pop-up roof

Big bumpers

Swivel captain’s chair

12 months MOT

6 months tax

The asking price of £14,500 was recommended by the specialist vintage VW mechanic who has done all the repair and maintenance work.

I love this van. It’s a pleasure to drive – being 1.9 means it does have a bit of oomph – and the automatic gear box makes life easier. It sits happily at about 65mph on the motorway and has been known to reach 75 on a downhill stretch. I bought it to use while working on a research project and in the past two years I’ve zigzagged back and forth across the UK, including trips round Northern Ireland, South Wales, Cornwall twice, and twice around the Highlands.

The interior is original. It has (slightly faded) pink and beige flock seats, and full wrap around curtains. The kitchen has a gas cooker and grill, sink, and a fridge unit, all of which are in very good condition for their age; there is plenty of storage including a wardrobe, crockery cabinet, and big space above the front seats; the rock n’ roll bed forms a small double; it has a gas heater, which works well for colder evenings; and the front passenger seat swivels round to face inwards for when you’re camping. The pop-up roof is hydraulic and lifts by itself when unstrapped. There is space for two smallish people to sleep in the roof.

Since I’ve had it, it’s been under the tender care of MacVW, a specialist VW mechanic in Salford (would highly recommend). To the best of my knowledge, nothing mechanical needs doing at the moment. The work I’ve had done includes:

Baffles on petrol tank repaired

New oil seals

Respray on sliding door

Sliding door re-hung

Right hand side sills replaced and resprayed.

New coil

Starter motor reconditioned

Welding work to footwells

New main battery

Complete polish

Extras included:

Full bottle of gas

Electric hook up cable

Brand new Justcampers cover

Wheel chocks


The petrol gauge is OK but not 100% reliable (moves too quickly from ½ to ¼ full).

The fridge will work from the electric hookup and from the battery, but I’ve never worked out how to run it from the gas cylinder, and the gas supply should be checked for safety.

It needs a new pipe to connect the sink to the water tank. It’s a simple job but I didn’t use the sink much so didn’t get round to it.

One of the fuses in the dashboard sometimes buzzes for no apparent reason

The canvas sides to the roof are frayed in parts. However, it’s never leaked when I’ve been using it.

The lock for the rear door is temperamental and sometimes needs a bit of jiggling round.

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