1972 tintop ready to go

This is my late bay, built in December 1972. Originally delivered to Texas then Montana before being brought to the UK by FBI VW in, I believe, about 2015.

I think I’m the third UK owner.

It’s always been garaged in my ownership and I’m only putting it up for sale because I’ve seen another aircooled VW I really want. If that sells, I’ll probably remove this ad.

Exceptionally dry and solid with only two tiny patches of welding in its life (on the cab floor and cargo floor, seemingly a long time ago), this bus is full of originality.

It’s almost entirely original paint, with a few touch ups in keeping with its general patina and sunburn. The engine is not original to the bus but is an 1800 Type 4 on a single carb which really propels it along.

The camping interior includes a full-width rock-and-roll bed, a table and a homemade buddy seat with storage, so there’s not a huge amount of additional weight and this bus will happily keep up with modern traffic.

I bought it stock height in January 2018 and have enjoyed plenty of road trips in it across the UK and France.

Last May I had it lowered by Midland Erly Bay using French Slammer parts including a narrowed beam and rear chassis notches with adjustable spring plates.

In my ownership I’ve added:
• NOS late-bay over-riders on the front bumper (a rare find indeed!)
• A Bug-Tech Bus Shifter which has a lovely short throw and positive feel. Original shifter available.
• A Mad Matz ply floor set with underlay. Laminate flooring over the top
• Dodo Mat sound deadening throughout (on all panels bar the roof)
• Full curtain set with Silent Gliss tracks (cab area included but not yet fitted)

It’s been regularly serviced by G’day Kombis in Oxfordshire and everything that’s needed to be done has been done regardless of cost.

Beyond the lowering job it’s never had any bodywork or chassis work done or needed, and I’d welcome any inspection. I’ve got receipts totalling c£6,000 and I’m happy to arrange for it to go up on a ramp for a full look.

The bus is currently in my garage so I’m using pics I took last year. Will happily provide detailed pics for any interested parties, including shots of the inside.

Bad bits:
• The original headlining has a few tears, some of which have been quite elegantly sewn up, some of which haven’t. It hasn’t bothered me and I will take plenty of photos/walkaround vids for any potential buyers.
• If I keep it I’d look to re-do the window seals fairly soon. They’re not bad by any means, but they are beginning to show their age.
• I primed and painted the steel wheels myself last year. They could probably do with being sanded down again and re-painted or being professionally powder coated. I have all four hubcaps in very good condition.
• Odometer doesn’t work.
• It took a small ding to the front panel thanks to a careless delivery driver while awaiting its MOT last winter. The area (just below the VW badge) has lost some paint but has been clear-coated. I can send detailed pics.


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