Luxury Breathable Van cover VW T2 Split 1950-1967 VW T2 Bay 19...

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Luxury Breathable Van cover VW T2 Split 1950-1967 VW T2 Bay 1967-1979

JK Part Number: J29370


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We have improved our ever popular breathable van cover by using the latest materials available on the market. Made with 3 layers of highly water resistant (not waterproof) and breathable polypropylene non woven 175 gsm fabric.
This material is designed to have good ventilation to release trapped in moisture and heat, and to help protect your van against the sun's UV rays.

The addition of a full length under vehicle securing strap and rain flaps on all the zips make the Luxury van cover, in our opinion, the best value van cover on the market. Made exclusively for Just Kampers, it is designed to fit Splits, and Bays and will also fit over pop tops (excluding fixed high tops).

The Luxury van cover helps to protect your treasure from the elements, dust, sunlight, bird droppings and so much more. It has an all round elasticated hem, with three under vehicle adjustable securing straps (one lengthways and two widthways) and four door openings to allow for both front doors and either LHD or RHD sliding doors to be opened. The door zips have rain flaps to provide extra protection, all door openings have ties to help you air your vehicle in winter storage.


EAN / UPC 5060661042264
Finance Available on This Product Yes
Width (CM - Packed) 35.0
Height (CM - Packed) 34.0
Depth (CM - Packed) 45.0
Manufacturer Just Kampers
Additional Carriage Charge 0.0
Special Order Lead time 3

Customer Reviews (39)

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  • Well designed product that ticks all boxes!

    I purchased this cover after researching the market before hand. I had used (and sent back) an alternative one from a more expensive source. The reasons for returning the alternative one were lack of front to back strap and lack of height (bare in mind I have a 1970 tin top baywindow).
    This cover seems to tick all boxes. It is made from the fancy breathable material and has 2 side to side straps and 1 front to back strap. It also seems to be a good height - the cover has not ridden up over the bumpers at all even in the wind. The added bonus of the cover is that I can access the van through the door flaps!
    All in all - a great product that I think has been well designed and thought out. Recomended.

    by Jim on 25/12/2013

  • Nice Snug Fit

    The cover seems to fit nice and snug only put in on my type 25 today.The only disappointing thing for me is that they have put two JK transfers on the cover and this is not shown in the picture.Initially looks a good product.

    by NJW on 10/02/2014

  • Brilliant quality

    Our second cover from just kampers
    (1st one lasted 6-7yrs) this new cover fits very well. Allot thicker than our 1st one. Waterproof
    , rain runs off and seems to be breathable. Very happy with purchase !

    by Matt G on 02/03/2014

  • Fit for purpose

    Good product, seems to be well made, it was a tricky operation to put it on on my own, and it has lost a star for being just slightly too snug around the bumpers, it could do with a couple of extra inches around the bottom.

    by Hairbair on 25/03/2014

  • much better than previous ones

    Looks the biz and built to last .

    by buttercup on 08/05/2014

  • Much improved

    This new cover is much better quality than the previous ones. Purchased one made of this type of material from another supplier some years ago but it was too short and did not fit properly.
    This is a much better product than previous Just Kamper covers and was not much dearer. Hope it lasts as long! Time will tell.

    by Mart on 18/06/2014

  • looks the dogz

    i havnt put it on yet,but looks so much better than last one

    by kortz pompey on 02/10/2014

  • Robust, good quality. A fine choice of cover

    I would advise anyone to get help to put this on for the first. It is a mision until you work out which way it goes etc.

    Good thick material, well made with good straps.

    I have to agree with abnother comment that it is a little snug around the bumpers, I have the spare wheel bolted to front and a devon roof so they probably dont help but I suppose that will help stop it blowing away so this isnt a critism more of a observation.

    Still one of the best covers Ive seen for any vehicle. .

    by ZaGsTaR on 09/10/2014

  • One of the best

    Having nowhere to store my panel van other than on the driveway, I have always had it covered. My previous cover did the job...just, but ripped easily and didn't fit great. It cost the same as this JK one.

    As soon as I fit this cover, I could tell its quality. A nice thickness, not too heavy to rub but not too light. The best bit about the cover, apart from the door access on both sides (mines LHD) Is the fit. It's snug everywhere it needs to be. It also comes low enough on my stock height van to cover the majority of the wheels, keeping my hub caps shiny!

    In short, I can strongly recommend this cover over others. Spend the extra and don't scrimp, it feels so much better when it's hammering if down and you see your pride and joy all tucked up and as well protected as you can make it. Thanks JK.

    by Marc on 15/10/2014

  • A vast improvement

    Having had one of the original JK bus covers the material used was not good enough for outdoors use in my opinion, it was ok as a dust cover indoors but that was it, this new improved cover is loads better, proper robust material has been used this time round. Still the same great fit as the original with handy zip doors so you can get in without taking the cover off. In short like my title says, "a vast improvement" if you want an outdoor cover for your bus this is the one to have!

    by Jase on 20/10/2014

  • Top quality cover, durable & strong..

    Excellent service & communications from JustKampers. Constantly updated with delivery time..
    Product appears to be extremely well made, string fabric, and 3 fasteners to ensure the cover does not come off in high winds.
    The only reason I gave a 4 star was due to the fact that the cover could do with being at least another 10" in length. I have a Westfalia and it only covers as far down as the top of the tyres. Other than this, a perfect fit everywhere else...

    by Gelert on 20/10/2014

  • Top quality cover, durable & strong..

    Excellent service & communications from JustKampers. Constantly updated with delivery time..
    Product appears to be extremely well made, string fabric, and 3 fasteners to ensure the cover does not come off in high winds.
    The only reason I gave a 4 star was due to the fact that the cover could do with being at least another 10" in length. I have a Westfalia and it only covers as far down as the top of the tyres. Other than this, a perfect fit everywhere else...

    by Gelert on 20/10/2014

  • Perfect x

    This was the first cover we had for our van and it looks like it means business. With two people it went on easily and snuggly. It had stayed on firmly so far and we've had a few strong windy nights to test it. Recommended.

    by Sarah on 23/10/2014

  • Very good!

    Last cover only lasted couple of years so hoping this one will do better. Thicker, more substantial material. So far so good:)

    by Stimpy on 04/11/2014

  • Good piece of kit

    I purchased two for my splities, I have used jk's covers in the past and was more than happy. Saying that for just a little bit more this cover is a big improvement. I put on single handed , no problems, and can tuck my van up in the confidence it won't split or blow off.

    by Colin on 04/11/2014

  • recent purchase

    I recently purchased the luxury cover for my bay camper. It is without doubt the best cover on the market. Exceptional quality at a fantastic price.
    Even better was the free delivery. I purchased online on a Tuesday night and received delivery of it the following day. Absolutely brilliant service for a brilliant product. Well done JK

    by bonner on 13/11/2014

  • Top service, delivery and product manufacture. Shame about T25 fit!?

    I must congratulate JK on their fantastic order, dispatch and delivery all which was tracked and timed with delivery vehicle arriving less than 5 mins after the earliest quoted time. Well done it's such a joy to see service of this quality.
    The cover is top quality and packed and marked with tabs showing front and back so easy to prepare for fitting to camper-van.
    At this point we were 5+++ star and mightily impressed.
    Once we started fitting to van, a T25 westfalia pop-top, we soon realised it was going to be a wrestle. We had to remove our small bike rack and still the cover was tight and a real struggle to get over the T25 bumpers and pull completely down. After 20 mins we finally got it as far as it was going to go and it looked short just meeting top of wheels with door seals still showing! The straps all met well and it was finally in place.
    I think that for the T25 just a couple of extra inches in length and height would make this a splendid if not a fantastic addition for winter care.
    Do not let this put you off, it pored with rain an hour later and overnight and the rain was running freely off the cover. Just that couple of inches would make this easy to fit and look good.
    Overal 4+++ stars and a real joy to purchase from JK.

    by Nobby on 14/11/2014

  • Great product. Service first class

    The design and material of this cover is a vast improvement on the old one. My Splitty is now well wrapped up for the winter! Great service as ever from JK with regards to stock availability and delivery. Good communication throughout the process.

    by Nick on 24/11/2014

  • Easy order. Fast efficient free delivery. Very good fit.

    As other reviewers have said it is a snug fit but it fits my Type 2 Westy nicely. Two of us put it on easily and straps look secure. So far any water has beaded on the cover and the van has remained dry. Too early to talk about durability but so far so good!

    by Phil on 30/11/2014

  • Great product but bit short on length

    I have just bought this version, having had the previous one for two years which was getting a bit worn. First impressions excellent material, looks much more substantial than the last one. Only criticism and reason for four stars not five was that we have an imported T2 which has slightly larger American bumpers and it was a really tight fit going over these at the front and back of the van and only just covered them. I'm hoping the fabric stretches slightly! The sides fit perfectly, it just needs a few more inches in the length. Very quick and efficient delivery.

    by Jmac on 02/12/2014

  • Great product - check size carefully

    I really like the product quality. The cover does not quite fit properly as my T25 has a Reimo conversion pop top. It is slightly higher than the other conversions so the skirt of the cover does not quite reach low enough. Otherwise it is very good

    by ReggieT25 on 09/12/2014

  • Great fabric, looks the part, snug fit.

    Very helpful staff, speedy delivery. Fabric feels great. My T25 should be nice and cosy for the winter. The cover was fairly easy to put on the top section but the bottom half a bit too (nipit) tight had to stretch hard to cover the bumpers, the cover should be at least a foot longer and a foot deeper as it only comes to top of wheels.
    All this stretching has placed stress on bottom half of zips around doors and the velcro straps at base of zips do not join easily.The straps under cover easy to fasten.
    Having said all this I think it is an excellent cover and looks the business.

    by rellim on 12/12/2014

  • So far, so good

    Had it on our bay for the last two months and very pleased with how it's performing. Keeps the rain out and allows the moisture to escape so the van stays dry. It has positively suprised me given the recent wet weather.

    The zip access hatches are excellent and means you can get to the van without having to take the cover off.

    Fits nicely even with my roof rack and bike rake in place and I was even able to fit it single handed lay (with the aid of a step ladder).

    Well thought out, well made. Would recommend it.

    by David on 23/12/2014

  • Nice fit on a late Devon poptop

    Fitted the cover about a week ago now just as it was starting to rain(spit) so was "up against the clock". It took two of us less than two minutes to get it out the back of our bus, out the bag and on (probably could do it on your own with a little practice). Found the front, hooked it under the bumper, grabbed one side each and just dragged it over the roof, Done :-).
    Went out yesterday to start her up and put a few things inside. Just moved the rear section away from the exhaust and opened the panel for the drivers door. Easy. Must say was a little fiddly trying to zip it back up so as to not trap the fabric in the zip but went back a treat.
    No evidence of water getting through and the under vehicle straps keep it nice and snug.
    Only possible downside is we have bought a two bow roof rack for the front which might not let the cover fit properly. We shall see but that is nothing we can't adapt to so still worth it in our eyes. So still gets five stars from us.

    by Noddy on 18/01/2015

  • Great cover but could be a little longer

    This is a great improvement on the previous cover we had from JK - nicer fabric and great details like the 'pockets' that hide the strap clips so they don't clatter across your paintwork. However, we have a front mounted spare wheel, a pop-top and tow bar, and this means it is a really tight squeeze front and back - another foot or so would make a real difference! Otherwise a 5-star cover.

    by Peter on 19/04/2015

  • Great Cover for my Bay Dormobile

    I had an old JK cover which was quite thin and worn, letting in quite a bit of rain. This newer cover is much thicker and holds its shape well so it doesn't blow about so much in the wind. I have a dormobile roof and a front windscreen visor, so it was a tight fit, but does the job. As others have said it could do with being a few inches longer at front and rear bumpers, but that probably because of the dormobile roof and visor. My camper now looks smart and clean even covered up!

    by Zippy on 29/10/2015

  • T2 Cover

    Great cover. Very good quality. Fits really easy.

    by Frazer on 23/11/2015

  • Nice cover but on the small side

    The cover is much thicker than my earlier JK cover and appears to be a 2 person job to fit as it's heavier and doesn't glide over my poptop so easily. It's a snug fit on my 1970 Westy. It's a shame the length is a little short front and back ( the sides are fine though) but this could be due to the fact its not a tin top and I also have over riders. It just about covers the bumpers but a strong wind could change that. Also my old cover had metal clips to secure the cover together at the bottom of the vertical access zips. This has shortish velcro strips which I'm hoping don't seperate in a gale and the zips fly north. Time will tell how the velcro's stickiness holds up over the winter.
    A good cover which I'm sure will do its job well but just consider its lack of length front and back if you have a poptop.

    by Tim on 05/12/2015

  • Nice fit

    Bought this as my last one was wearing thin and ripped in places especially after the winter. nice and thick fits snug on my bay and seems a lot more durable than my last one.

    by neil on 21/03/2016

  • Great cover,great quality,great price.

    Great fitting cover for T2 bay.
    Thicker & better quality than 2 previous covers I have had from Just Kampers.
    Straps & buckles a good & easy system.
    Access to vehicle via zip up panels very convenient.
    Best have 2 people to pull cover over van .
    Hope it lasts a few years.

    by camperman on 17/07/2016

  • Van cover

    Perfect fit for my T2 early bay. Side openings are very useful and is well made.

    by awillyfootball on 24/01/2017

  • Campervan cover

    Really good quality cover, fits over our baywindow with a roof rack

    by Stephen on 27/01/2017

  • Good quality.

    Good quality material. Fit nicely to both the 60s and 70s bus. Not quite easy to handle by one person probably due to thick material. Overall good product to have.

    by Chris on 12/06/2017

  • Excellent Product


    Had mine 4 years now and although looking a bit dirty and mossy it has performed very well. Would go so far it's better than parking it inside a garage as it breathes and allows the moisture to escape which dries out very quickly. Practice fitting with one person is fine but better with two. Overall a really good cover that fits my 75 bay with a pop up roof.

    by Nick on 06/08/2017

  • excellent

    excellent product ,vast improvenmt on previous cover. Fits my 74 bay snugly - highly recommended

    by westy51 on 12/11/2017

  • Better than what I expected

    This cover is really great I bought one similar a few times From a different company and had to modify it for my roof rack which this one does fit and I have a side Ladder on my bus to . Very impressed with the various zips to gain access to the sliding door and two front doors so you can clean still with the cover on I must add is the same material for other covers I had which will wear out eventually if use outside but it will protect your paint work
    I am use this cover inside just to stop any moisture or dust to settle on the bus This cover was a bargain at this price Thank you just kampers

    by Big A on 04/12/2017

  • Good Product

    Had this 2 years now. Excellent product which JK have refined over the years. Before this I was using a tarpaulin with rope. The tarp was so much heavier that putting on was a real effort, plus the tarp keep getting blown off then the rope slipped.
    When I take this cover off, I roll it from the back over the van, this makes it easier to put back on and done way I can put it on by myself.
    Only improvement would a larger label on the front nearside which helps you get it the right way round.

    by Hubs on 05/06/2018

  • A very good winter cover

    Just purchased this cover as my Stormforce one has worn out after 7 winters. This one is a better fit and with the side openings for doors makes this a good alternative than the more expensive Stormforce cover. Very impressed with this item has just stood up to high winds and heavy rain with hail stones. The underneath straps are a good. Recommend this product.

    by travelbug on 05/05/2019

  • Excellent buy Good quality and fit.

    Purchased this for my '74 Devon conversion. Replaces old worn out vinyl type cover.
    Nice snug fit and covers right down to half way over wheels. Good quality material with well thought out access points to cab and sliding door. Was delivered 'free' next day!!

    by 550nomad on 03/09/2019

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Vehicle Compatability

VW T2 Split Screen

Air-Cooled Petrol (1950 - 1967) :

1200cc, 1500cc


VW T2 Bay Window

Air-Cooled Petrol (1967 - 1979) :

1600cc, 1700cc, 1800cc, 2000cc


VW T2c Brazilian Bay Window

Water-Cooled & Air-Cooled Petrol (1997 - 2013) :

1400cc, 1600cc


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