Kampa Dometic Pink Toilet Fluid & Rinse 5L (Pomegranate Scent)

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Kampa Environmentally Friendly Range of products. Toilet Fluid & Rinse - Pomegranate Scent 5L Dual action, biodegradable toilet fluid is designed for your top and bottom tank. When added to the top tank you can enjoy a fresh smelling toilet with every flush. When added to the bottom tank, the product actively breaks down all waste and what makes it even better, is that the bottom tank isn’t weakened when the flush water is added. Kampas unique, biodegradable formula lubricates the bowl and improves the function of your toilets without containing any formaldehyde. So, you can flush it down the normal sewerage system with a clean conscience (and toilet!). 3 years of testing has resulted in a range of products which are biodegradable, reduce plastic pollution by 80%, use 15 % less energy to manufacture and are 15 % less energy to transport.

Features:- • PH Balanced • Phosphate Free • Formaldehyde Free • Biodegradable • Non Animal Tested • 80% Less plastic