Lighting Upgrades

Lighting upgrades for your Volkswagen

We all agree that Volkswagen did a pretty great job of designing and building their air-cooled cars, buses, and Transporters, but sometimes things like headlights need a little upgrade.

That's why we've got a great range of lighting upgrades for VWs from the classic Beetle, through to the modern T6 Transporter. 

Whether you're looking to be safe and be seen with some brighter brake lights, or you're after a set of newer, brighter headlights and bulbs, you'll find the lighting upgrades you're looking for here at Just Kampers, and at great prices, too!

Unsure which lighting set-up is right for you?

The JK Team are here to help, and you can contact us via email or give us a call on 01256 86 22 88 with any questions.

VW Beetle & Air-Cooled Car Lighting Upgrades

Check out our video about the JK Semaphore LED flashing bulbs and semaphore units:

T2 Split Lighting Upgrades

T2 Bay Lighting Upgrades

T25 Lighting Upgrades

T4 Lighting Upgrades

T5 Lighting Upgrades

T6 Lighting Upgrades

The lighting system on the modern VW T6 Transporters is pretty great already, but many of us have found the original headlights a bit lacklustre, especially in the depths of winter. That's why we're stocking some great headlight upgrade kits, which will help you see and be seen while you're driving your T6 at night, or in poor driving conditions. 

We've also got a great range of replacement lightbulbs and other essentials, to help keep your T6 in top shape. 

Check out some of our most popular lighting parts and accessories below, or click here to se our full range of VW T6 lights