Just Kampers Advent Deals

Our 2022 Just Kampers Advent Deals have now expired, as they ended at 23:59 on 31 December 2022. 

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1 December

Save £69.05 on the JKF50

We’re starting our JK Advent Deals off with a bang, and offering you 15% off our ever-popular JKF50 fridge-freezer.

This means they’re now available for £379.95, making them an even better deal and a fantastic choice for your classic or modern campervan.

JKF50 12v fridge-freezer - Silver

JKF50 12v fridge-freezer - Black

2 December

Save 8% on the JK Solar Charging Screen

Another Just Kampers exclusive for today’s JK Advent Deal, we’ve reduced the price on our brand new JK Solar Charging Screen.

Launched earlier this year, our JK Solar Charging Screen is a small, portable solar panel array which can be mounted to the inside or outside of your camper’s windscreen.

It’s now available for just £299 until our JK Advent Deals finish on 31 December 2022.

JK Solar Charging Screen – 120 Watts

3 December

Save up to £50 on JK Chairpods

An even more recent development from Just Kampers, we’ve designed and produced our new JK Chairpods to allow you to stow your camping chairs in rugged, durable pouches mounted on the inside of your VW T5 or T6’s rear doors.

With options available for Transporters with tailgates or barn doors, they’re a quick and easy way to store your camping seats so they’re always there when you need them

JK Barndoor Chairpod - with two chairs

JK Barndoor Chairpod - without chairs

4 December

Save over 45% on Aluminium Sidestep

Add a little extra style to your VW T2 Splitscreen or T2 Bay with an aluminium side step, which will also make it easier to get in and out the sliding door!

We’ve cut the price of these side steps by almost 50%, with the price reduced from £124.25 to just £64.95 until our JK Advent Deals end on 31 December 2022.

Aluminium Side Step VW T2 Split 1950–1967 VW T2 Bay 1967–1979

5 December

Save on the Engine Fire Fighter Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Treat yourself to peace of mind this Christmas season – and save money – by investing in an automatic fire extinguisher for the engine bay of your classic VW.

We’ve reduced the price of the two-metre version from £235 to £129, saving you a massive £106. You’ll save £91 on the three-metre version, which was been reduced from £250 to £159.

Fire Fighter 3 Metre Automatic Engine Bay Fire Suppression System

Fire Fighter 2 Metre Automatic Engine Bay Fire Suppression System

6 December

Big savings on JK vehicle covers

Chase away the Monday blues with the latest big savings from JK’s Advent Deals. We’ve cut the price of our range of vehicle covers, so you can keep your VW warm and cosy right through the winter.

With covers available for the VW Beetle and VW T2 Splitscreen, all the way through to the latest VW T6 and VW T6.1, there’s a tailor-made vehicle cover for your Volkswagen, and all now have money off!

Vehicle covers

7 Dec – Dynamat

Get 10% off Dynamat

To round out our first week of JK Advent Deals, we’ve reduced the price of several of our Dynamat kits by 10%.

Dynamat Xtreme - Door and side panel kit for VW Beetles

Dynamat Xtreme Mega Pack (Nine 61x122cm Sheets)

Dynamat Xtreme Bulk Pack (Nine 45x81cm Sheets)

8 December

15% off our Centre Console Storage Box in black and chrome

Need more storage in your VW T5 or VW T6? Got a van full of Christmas presents and nowhere to hide them away? We’ve got you covered!

Today’s JK Advent Deal is 15% off our black and chrome centre console storage box, which fits neatly between the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat in VW T5s and VW T6s.

It’s easy to fit and remove, and you’ll save £20 if you buy before our JK Advent Deals end on 31 December 2022.

Centre Console Storage Box – Black and Chrome

9 December

Save 15% on Sportline side bars

If you’re looking to revamp the look and feel of your VW T5 or VW T6’s exterior this winter, then this latest offer in JK’s Advent Deals is for you!

We’re offering 15% off a trio of our side bars, available for short- and long wheelbase Transporters.

Polished Stainless SportLine Side Guard Bar Long Wheelbase

Polished Stainless SportLine Style Side Guard Bar Short Wheelbase

Black SportLine Style Side Guard Bars Short Wheelbase

10 December

Save 14% on stainless steel exhausts

Looking to treat yourself (and your VW) in the run-up to Christmas? Well, let us treat you to money off a range of stainless-steel exhaust systems!

Two of the kits are from our Preservation Parts range, which celebrates 10 years as part of Just Kampers this year!

Stainless Steel Quiet Pack Exhaust System – VW T2 Bay (1967 to 1971) & VW T25 (1979 to 1985)

Stainless Steel 2-Tip GTI Exhaust System – VW T2 Bay (1967 to 1971) & VW T25 (1985 to 1992)

Stainless Steel Full Exhaust Kit – VW T25 (1985 to 1992)

11 December

£20 off JK's Centre Console Storage Box in grey

Fancy adding more storage to our VW T5 or VW T6, but don’t think the black and chrome centre console storage box we added to our JK Advent Deals earlier would match your interior?

Don’t worry, we’ve also got it available in grey!

You’ll still save 15% on this version, which has been reduced from £129.95 to 109.95 as part of our JK Advent Deals, which is a great price for extra storage in the cab of your Transporter which can be easily added or removed.

Centre Console Storage Box – Grey

12 December

Save 15% on swivel seat bases

We’re half way through the reveals for JK’s Advent Deals, and today’s special offer is an excellent one!

You can save 15% (or between £20 and £25) on a range of swivel seat bases for your VW Camper, so you can make better use of your cab seats while on a camping adventure.

Seat Swivel Base (Drivers) – VW T5 & VW T6

Swivel Seat Base (Passenger) VW T5 & VW T6

Swivel Seat Base with Seat Box & Safe – VW T5 & VW T6

Swivel Seat Base – VW T4

Seat Swivel Plate – VW T2 Bay & VW T25

13 December

Get £20 off a JK cab bunk

Whether you’re after some more storage in your VW T2 Bay, or you’d like a safe and comfy place for a kid to sleep while you’re camping, then our JK cab bunk is ideal!

We’ve cut just over £20 off the price as part of our JK Advent Deals, so you can now snap up a JK cab bunk for just £55.95. They’re really easy to install, and can be put in place or removed in moments.

JK Cab Child Bunk and Storage – VW T2 Bay

14 December

Save on VW T2 Bay lowering

Looking to cruise into 2023 with a lowered Bay? After a project to get you out of the house over Christmas? Maybe both? Well, this could be just what you’re after!

Save 10% on an adjustable, 4” narrowed front beam for your VW T2 Bay, which comes with adjusters, new axle bearings and an OEM steering centre pin.

Made here at JK HQ in Odiham, Hampshire, as part of our Preservation Parts range, you know it’s excellent quality.

4 Inch Adjustable Narrowed Front Beam – VW Type 2 1967 to 1979

15 December

£50 off JK Rock 'n' Roll Bed

Another JK exclusive product which will transform the way you use your camper, we’re offering £50 off our Just Kampers rock ‘n’ roll bed!

It’ll fit any rear-engine VW camper, and the width can be adjusted to perfectly fit your interior, and might be a great opportunity to get out into your garage and away from re-runs of the Great Escape on TV.

JK Rock ‘n’ Roll Bed – VW T2 Split, VW T2 Bay & VW T25

16 December

Save on Eazy 240v Plug & Play Electric Hook Up Conversion Kits

Here’s a shocking offer in JK’s Advent Deals – get a 240v electric hook-up kit for your camper for less than £150.

Supplied as a kit with everything you need to instal it (apart from the tools and time!), the Eazy 240v kit has been a real game changer in our recent campervan conversion.

Eazy 240v Plug & Play Electric Hook Up Conversion Kit (Black Inlet)

17 December

Get over £50 on stainless exhausts

Didn’t see the stainless steel exhaust you’ve after in our previous batch of exhaust offers? Don’t worry, here’s a couple more!

Today we’re offering just over £50 off stainless steel exhausts for VW T4s and VW T25s, as part of our ongoing JK Advent Deals scheme.

Stainless Steel Exhaust VW T4 1990 to 2003

Stainless Steel Exhaust VW T25 1981 to 1987

18 December

Get a T2 roof rack for under £200

If you need a way to carry all those Christmas presents around in your T2, but you’ve run out of space inside, then we might have just the answer for you!

Today’s addition to JK’s Advent Deals is our two-bow roof rack for the VW T2 Splitscreen and VW T2 Bay, which has been reduced to £199.95 for the festive season.

Two Bow Roof Rack VW T2 Split & VW T2 Bay

19 December

Save over 25% on Vintage Style Mesh Headlamp Grilles

Add a little finishing flourish to your early Beetle or your T2 Splitscreen with a pair of vintage headlamp grills, styled after the mesh light covers on the Porsche 356.

We’ve dropped the price by over 25% as part of our JK Advent Deals, so you can get hold of them for just £39.95 between now and 31 December 2022!

Vintage Style Mesh Headlamp Grilles VW Beetle 1946 to 1967 & VW Split

20 December

Get 15% off a CSP Shifter

Drive into the new year with a quicker gear-change and a cooler look with a CSP shifter for your VW T2 Bay.

Today’s offering in our JK Advent Deals is 15% off CSP’s gear shifter for right-hand drive Bays, which saves you just over £50.

CSP Shifter VW T2 Bay

21 December

Save over 10% on Safe T Pedals

Secure your camper for less with a Safe T Pedal, now with just over 10% off as part of our JK Advent Deals.

Easy to install, and incredibly difficult to remove unless you have the keys (which are of course supplied!), a Safe T Pedal makes it far more difficult for thieves to steal your vehicle.

Safe T Pedal VW T2 Split

Safe T Pedal VW T2 Bay

Safe T Pedal VW T25

Safe T Pedal VW T4

Safe T Pedal VW T5 & VW T6

22 December

Get a 12v Wireless Phone Charger for under £30

Only a few more days of new offers from JK’s Advent Deals, but here’s something for everyone (or at least everyone with a 12v Volkswagen!) – a wireless phone charger!

Easy to install and use, just wire it in, mount it somewhere flat, and pop your mobile on there! We fitted one to our recent campervan conversion here at JK HQ and it’s an excellent way to keep phones charged up without messing around with wires.

12v Wireless Phone Fast Charger

23 December

Save 15% on a two-piece dash tidy

Still after more space to store all your Christmas presents in your camper? We’ve cut just over 15% off our two-piece dash tidy for the VW T25.

Now available for just £49.95, this is a quick and easy way to improve storage in your T25 and help keep your cab clear of junk!

Two-Piece Dash Tidy VW T25

24 December

Save over 20% on LED Swivel Lights

It’s Christmas Eve! For the final new addition to JK’s Advent Deals, we’re offering over 20% off an LED swivel light, to help you make any final checks of the Naughty List or hastily scribble out a Christmas card on your driveway before you head home!

We hope you have an incredible Christmas Day tomorrow, and a wonderful time with family and friends.

All of these offers will remain valid until 23:59 on 31 December 2022, so there’ll still be time to snap up a bargain if you get some Christmas money or a JK Gift Voucher!

LED Swivel Light