Bundle Contents
1 × DIY Thermo Mat Kit Internal Use only - See J20809
2 × Brass Grommet Kit (Eyelets)
1 × 9.5mm Eyelet Closing Tool.

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DIY Thermo Mat Kit Use J20809
Brass Grommet Kit (Eyelets)
9.5mm Eyelet Closing Tool.

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DIY Thermo mat kit
Just Kampers DIY Thermomat kit

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£2.65 £2.95

Bundle Contents
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    If you want to be warm in your vehicle in winter, cool in the summer and enjoy privacy and security, this is the kit for you. If your vehicle is not listed or has odd-sized windows, if you have a caravan, or if you just enjoy making things yourself, the DIY thermomat kit is just the thing.

    Each kit contains 3.5m Isoflex material with 30 suckers so that this thermomat fits your specific vehicle.

    Please note, the kit comes with two packs of eyelets J12931 and J42833 Eyelet Closing Tool.

    Kit Contains: 3.5m Isoflex material 130cm wide, 30 suckers with 30m edging, two packs of eyelets, and one eyelet closing tool.

    To offer better insulation when cold or as a thermo barrier when hot our mats are made up of five layers consisting of the following: · A strong reinforced silver foil outside layer ( faced outwards ) ; easy to clean. · A second silver reflective layer. · Foam layer. · Insulation layer. · Inner grey material layer ( faced outwards ) ; easy to keep clean.