Just Kampers 3 Piece Thermomat Cab Kit Mercedes Vito from 2014

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Stay cosy in your camper, keep the seasonal elements at bay, and shield the contents of your cab from prying eyes with our silver screens. Made for JK, these thermo mats are specific to your Mercedes Vito (2014 on). Comprised of three pieces, this set covers the cab area of your van,the windscreen and both cab windows. These fix easily into place using the suction cups included and when not in use can be stowed away in the storage bag that is included in this set. Thermomats provide insulation against the elements, no matter the season or time of day, offer privacy within the interior of your cab area and security for your Mercedes Vito. The seven layers of the insulation are provided by the latest in materials. Ideal for keeping warmth in during the winter, and the sun out in the summer! At a glance: • Superior product that has been improved to reflect latest technological advances in materials available • Made specific to the dimensions of your Mercedes Vito windows they offer a perfect fit every time, • Seven layer construction, for superior insulating properties, • Reflective silver outer layer to deflect heat, sunlight, and UV rays away from your vehicle interior, helping to keep you cool in the heat, • Supplied with bag for easy storage • Prevents prying eyes from viewing the cab area of your vehicle, offering increased protection for your vehicle contents • Increases privacy, day or night.

Fitting information: Fits the Mercedes Vito 2014 onwards. This item is a cab kit. Comprised of a thermo mat for the main windscreen, and one further mat for each of the two cab door windows. Thermo mats are designed to be used internally within the vehicle and are not designed for external use. How do I fit them? Our thermo mats are really easy to use. Simply unroll them from their carry bag and place the suction cups into the metal eyelets fixed into each thermo mat. Once the suction cups are in place, you just press them onto the glass from the inside of your vehicle. You may need to adjust the location of where you’ve stuck them a little, to ensure that the thermomats are blocking out as much light as possible. You may also need to moisten the cup section a little to allow for better fixing.