JKF50 12-volt Compressor Fridge-Freezer (Black)

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JKF50 12-volt Compressor Fridge-Freezer (Black)

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On Backorder - UK Only

Just Kampers’ own products

All our JK products are made to a really high standard, as that’s what we want on our own cars and vans. We test all the products ourselves, often fitting them during our lunch breaks or after work in the workshop at JK HQ here in Hampshire, UK.

We’ve been driving VWs, attending shows and events, and taking feedback from fellow VW enthusiasts for decades, and it reflects in the quality of the parts we produce.

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Quality Just Kampers product, exclusive to JK. We’ve designed the JKF50 fridge freezer to be a highly efficient, affordable way to keep all your food and drinks cool while you’re away in your camper.

Created with the benefit of our decades of collective experience camping in our own VWs, our JKF50 compressor fridge has been designed with campervans in mind, where space is always at a premium and the power in your leisure battery is just as scarce.

At a glance:

• Offers a spacious 42 litre capacity, with a removeable 8 litre freezer compartment,

• Designed to have a low power draw, so it won’t drain your leisure battery,

• Customise the interior with removeable shelves and trays inside the fridge,

• Incredibly well insulated, so the whole unit is more compact with greater internal space,

• Runs on 12v electricity, and designed to fit into campers, caravans and motorhomes.

We designed the JKF50 both to have really efficient insulation, both in terms of the materials we used and where we used them, but also to ensure that the electrical components have as low a draw as possible.

These were two of our key design features, which have led to JKF50 to be such an efficient, popular fridge-freezer!

Low battery draw:

No one wants to be ready to leave the campsite and head for home only to find that your fridge, lights and other accessories have drained their battery.

Powered by an LG Compressor, which is not only super efficient but also very close to silent, the JKF50 has an average current consumption of just 0.7 Ah/h (Amp hours per hour) at +25°C ambient temperature.

Three-stage battery protection:

If you are concerned about your leisure battery, then you’ll be relieved to know that our JKF50 fridge-freezer has an inbuilt, three stage battery protection system.

This will allow you to set the protector to low, medium or high, and cause the JKF50 to cut out if it senses that your battery is getting run down.

The high, medium and low settings relate to the level that your battery will reach before the fridge stops drawing from it – better a fridge with no power than a vehicle battery with no power, after all!

Size and weight:

External dimensions:

• 380 mm wide,

• 530 mm high,

• 500 mm deep,

• Weighs just 16.8 kg.

Fridge capacity:

• Maximum capacity: 42 litres,

• Refrigerator capacity: 34 litres,

• Freezer capacity: 8 litres.

Simple to use:

The JKF50 is easy to install, and can be controlled by an intuitive LED panel mounted to the front, which allows you to control a number of temperature settings and other options.

If you’re hunting for a midnight snack, an LED light will automatically switch on inside the JKF50 when you open the door, letting you see the tempting range of snacks you’ve filled it with.

The inside of the fridge is fully customisable, depending on what you’re storing inside.

Not only can the entire freezer compartment be removed, but there’s a bottle holder, door shelf and salad crisper tray which you can remove or put back in with no fuss at all.

Designed to suit any camper interior:

We’re well aware that there’s an amazing array of different campervan interiors out there, and even more for caravans, motorhomes and even boats.

There’s more options than we could ever plan for, so we’ve taken steps to ensure that the JKF50 can be used with any of them.

You can choose whether the door hinges open to the left or the right, so it won’t knock into any cupboard doors, table legs or other parts of your interior.

Built to last:

It’s possible that your campervan has been going strong for over 70 years, and you deserve a fridge that will also last you for years to come.

The JKF50 has been built to last, with stainless steel fittings throughout. The plastic interior is easy to clean and helps keep the weight of the unit to a minimum.

Its door frame and main body are also made of strong, light-weight plastic encased in metal to keep the whole unit safe.

JKF50 Technical Specifications:

• Height: 530 mm,

• Width: 380 mm,

• Depth: 500 mm,

• Operation: LG Compressor,

• Approximate weight: 16.8 kg,

• Runs on: 12 volt DC,

• Capacity: 42 litres total including an 8-litre removable freezer compartment,

• Average power consumption: 40 watts,

• Connections: 12v dc,

• Climatic class: SN/N/ST/T,

• Relative humidity: <90%, • Short-term inclination: <30°,

• Maximum pressure: LP 10Bar/ HP 15Bar,

• Propellant: C5H10, • Refrigerant: R1234yf,

• Refrigerant quantity: 32g, • CO2 equivalent: 0.058t/year,

• Global warming potential (GWP): GWP100<1.

Technical information explained:

There's a lot of technical information there, but what does it actually mean? Here's a quick breakdown.

Amp-hours per hour:

The leisure battery in your vehicle with have an Amp Hour (Ah) rating, which tells you how much power the battery has and how long it is expected to last before being depleted.

Our JKF50 fridge has a power draw of 0.7 Ah/h (Amp Hours per hour), which is a minimal draw and won’t put a lot of pressure on your leisure battery.

Blowing Agent:

We’ve used a chemical called C5H10 as the blowing agent to create the insulation foam within the JKF50.

C5H10 is also known as cyclopentane, as is a far more environmentally friendly option than the chemicals which have been used in the past.

Cyclopentane doesn’t contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), the outlawed, ozone-layer damaging chemicals, nor does it contain any of the hydro-fluorocarbons (HFCs) which replaced CFCs, but do still cause limited ozone damage.

Using cyclopentane in manufacturing also leads to a significant reductio in CO2 emissions, which is a fantastic benefit.

Climatic Class:

Manufacturers assign a Climate Class to their refrigeration products, so you know the optimal temperature range for your fridge-freezer to work on.

The JKF50 fridge-freezer is rated SN, or Subnormal, which means it works best at temperatures between +10 °C to +32°C.

The JKF50 will operate outside of these temperatures, but it won’t be nearly so efficient and could decrease the overall lifespan of the unit.

The full range of grades are:

• SN – Subnormal: +10 °C to +32°C

• N – Normal: +16°C to +32°C

• ST – Subtropical: +16°C to +38°C

• T – Tropical: +16°C to +43°C

Global Warming Potential (GWP):

A Global Warming Potential, or GWP, is assigned to a product or material based on the gasses it uses, to help gauge its potential environmental impact.

As noted before, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the gas against which all others are measured. The timeframe used is set to 100 years.

This means that GWP measures the effect of a gas on the environment over a century, compared to carbon dioxide. A higher GWP score for a gas – or a product which contains or uses that gas – the more that gas will contribute to global warming and climate change.

Methane, for example, has a GWP score of between 28 and 36 over 100 years, because it absorbs significantly more energy (trapping heat in the atmosphere) than CO2, despite not lingering in the atmosphere for as long.

The GWP for the JKF50 and the gasses used within it is less than 1, due to the choices in eco-friendly materials made during its design.

Refrigerant quantity: 

This is simply a measure of how much refrigerant there needs to be in your JKF50’s system for it to work at its best. In the unlikely event that you’ll need to refill the refrigerant in your JK fridge-freezer, the optimal quantity is 32g.

However, before refilling it, it’s best to exhaust all other possibilities which could be contributing to reduced performance, like damage to the door or door seal, dust or dirt on the exchange coils, or obstruction of the fridge’s fan.

Refrigerant: R123yf

As with our use of C5H10, we’ve opted to use R1234yf as the refrigerant gas in our JKF50 fridges because it’s much better for the environment.

It causes no impact on the ozone layer, and a tiny Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 1. GWP is further explained below.

Relative humidity:

A fridge’s relative humidity is a measure of how much moisture will be held in the air within the fridge. Our JKF50 fridge-freezer has a relative humidity of just under 90%, which means that your food won’t dry out.

Because warmer air will enter your fridge every time you open the door, there will be a constant flow of warmer air rising to the top of the fridge, and cooler air sinking to the bottom.

This helps circulate both the air and the moisture, so it’s best to keep produce like lettuce in the drawers at the bottom of the fridge, so they can benefit from the moist air and won’t dry out and wilt – no one wants a dry salad!

What is Watts per hour?

A watts (W) is a unit which measures power, and refers to the electrical power of the device – in this instance, a fridge. For example, a lightbulb might have a power of 60 W, and a microwave may have a maximum power of 900 W.

For example, if a device has a power draw of 265 Watts per 24 hours, this means that if you’ve got a 1200 Wh (or Watt hour) leisure battery, it will be able to power the CR49 for about four and a half days – assuming the refrigerator is the only thing plugged into it!

It’s important to calculate the energy demands of all the electrical accessories you install in your campervan or motorhome, and ensure that your leisure battery will be able to handle powering all of them.

Just Kampers’ own products

All our JK products are made to a really high standard, as that’s what we want on our own cars and vans. We test all the products ourselves, often fitting them during our lunch breaks or after work in the workshop at JK HQ here in Hampshire, UK.

We’ve been driving VWs, attending shows and events, and taking feedback from fellow VW enthusiasts for decades, and it reflects in the quality of the parts we produce.

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Country of Manufacture China
EAN/UPC 5056342806621
Width (CM - Packed) 38
Height (CM - Packed) 53
Depth (CM - Packed) 50
Manufacturer Just Kampers
OEM Part Number JKF50
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