Your Rides: "Indie' The eDub

Your Rides: "Indie' The eDub

About Your VW 



Mileage: Not sure, and not that it matters because...

Fuel Type: Electric

Vehicle Model: eDub T2 Bay

Import? (where from): Indiana USA

Have you named your VW and where does it come from?:

Indie, because she’s from Indiana


When and where did you buy your VW?

Bought from a company in Sunderland. It had been imported for a project when the owner ran out of cash. We didn’t need the engine so it was a steal, but all in bare bones; everything removed, primer on bodywork, no interior, no windows.

What have you done to your VW since you have owned it?

Everything. Tested all the parts and ordered replacements (from JK). Ordered the components for the electric conversion to measure up and design fitting. this included batteries, motor, controller and charger.

Once everything was fitted and connected, the van went in for paint as we started to build the hire business, starting with a show in Frome, Cornwall

Interiors were built to spec by our friend, Edward Daniel, a local cabinet maker in Knaresborough. Pop top was fitted and secured, with custom canvas, and we started to launch the business online as eDub Trips. 


We were at an other show in March 2016 in Harrogate called Spring Dubs, drew quite a crowd from the petrol heads.

We then had a few years of up and down seasons, mainly due to unreliability of original parts and suppliers.

In 2018, we changed out business name to eDub Services, specialising in Hire, Conversion and Consultation. We have secured a reliable deal with Nissan to use their best selling electric car technology in our conversions. We currently have a client's van in the shop being converted for use as a mobility vehicle.



What are your future plans for the VW?

Not much, Indie will always be the original eDub and we will continue to offer her for hire for many years to come. We may upgrade the battery pack for better range but we’ll see. eDub Services will continue to grow, taking on more conversions to keep classic VWs on the road. We aim to get prices and supply to a stage where companies like Just Kampers can offer kits to their customers. We will achieve this in the next year or two.

What have you bought from Just Kampers?

Pretty much everything not bespoke or original. Many windows, door handles, winders, dash components, new windscreen.

What products are you looking to purchase next from Just Kampers?

All our conversions will need some parts, our latest needs new winders and door handles for a start, maybe a new front seat.


About You


Your Name(s): Kit Lacey

Is this your first VW? Yes

Do you own any others? No

What got you into VW’s?

The beauty of them

Who enjoys your VW?

Everyone, not just family and friends but all the public too. 

Where do you go with your VW?

Furthest under her own steam (or electrons) was Malvern but Yorkshire is perfect enough.

Do you have any amusing or fantastically memorable stories whilst enjoying your VW?

Every journey is amazing, your cheeks hurt from smiling and she’s a real head turner.


Want to know more?

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