Winter is Coming!

Winter is Coming!

JK's Head of Marketing
Published 12 November 2020
Josh Reynolds

Winter is coming to the UK, so we've put together a quick guide to keep you safe and snug! 

Many of us drive our VWs through the winter, so we wanted to show you some of the products we stock that can take some of the stress and danger out of driving in the less-than-optimal conditions we're subjected to every winter.

Here are a few tips to make sure your 'dub is ready to face the winter:

  • Make sure all your lights are clean and working properly, and that you've got spare bulbs
  • Check that the battery is totally charged, and that it's charging properly
  • See if your wiper blades have perished, and make sure they're clearing the whole window properly. 
  • Take a look at the condition of your tyres - tread depth and pressure are especially important on wintery roads
  • Make sure your brakes are all working well and haven't gone 'spongey' 
  • Ensure all your fluid levels are kept topped up, especially windscreen wash, anti-freeze and oil


Safety first! 

Halogen Conversion

One of the most obvious issues we face driving in the winter is that it's usually dark - especially on the way to or from work! Anyone who has visited JK HQ in Hampshire knows it's a pretty rural location, so most of us have converted out headlights to run halogen bulbs. These give a much brighter light, especially on classic VWs, and make it easier to see and be seen.

Fog Lights

We've also got a range of fog lights, which can be invaluable in the winter months. Early morning fog can be a real hazard, and not all VWs will have them. Fortunately, they're easy enough to install, and look cool! 

Yellow Light

The yellow lights listed above are a great accessory, as research shows that the wavelength of yellow light is better able to penetrate fog, allowing you to see even better. Plus they look great, so that's a bonus! 

Slip Mats 

Anti-slip mats are a great thing to have tucked away in your 'dub in case you need them. They work just as well at getting you out of snow and ice as they do at freeing you from mud at a VW show.

Blue & Purple 

For you water-cooled owners, we've also got both formulas of original-spec anti freeze. This is definitely something worth checking before the winter really kicks in! 

Staying snuggly

If you're going away in your 'dub this winter (and why wouldn't you? It's a great time to get away from it all, and it's usually really quiet at the campsites!) we've got a whole range of products to keep you snug as a bug in a dub! 


Luxury Covers

Our van covers have been one of our most popular products since we launched them, and this year they've undergone yet another round of improvements! 
They're great for keeping snow, ice, rain, bird droppings and UV light away from your beloved VW.

Thermo Mats

Thermo mats are another classic winter product. They're available in both internal and external styles, which are both great for different users.

Internal thermo mats are great if you're away camping at any time of year. They're specifically designed to keep the cold out and the warmth in during winter, and also reflect harsh sunlight away in the summer to stop you from waking up in your van feeling like you're in an oven!