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JK's Guide to Cooking in Your Camper

Written by the JK Team
Published 24 June 2021
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JK's Guide to Cooking in Your Camper

Enjoying a meal outside with friends and family is one of the best parts of summer (or spring, or autumn, or even winter, if you’re brave!). Having access to a camper, caravan or motorhome means you’ll be spending more time outdoors than most people, but it’s easy to get bored of frozen burgers cooked on disposable BBQs.

There’s a lot of different options for cooking while you’re camping, and solutions to suit any budget or camper setup.

May 30th to June 5th 2022 is National BBQ Week, so make sure you get lots of practice in now so you can wow your family and friends with your cooking skills and impromptu kitchen.

To celebrate more than 25 years of National BBQ Week, here’s a great recipe from our friends over at Chef Campers.

Here are some of our favourite cooking solutions, from simple BBQs to luxury cookers.

The Cobb

One of the most popular tools for cooking a massive range of different foods while you’re away from home is the Cobb.

Compact, efficient and easy to use, the Cobb is a small metal device which lets you grill, fry, bake, boil or smoke a delicious meal anytime, anywhere.

You can get it up to temperature in as little as four minutes, and cook for up to three hours, giving you plenty of time to rustle up a feast for your family.

We really recommend the Cobb cooker, and have used them a lot when we’ve been away!

Streetwize Yoga Portable BBQ

Similar to the Cobb, but powered by batteries, the Yoga BBQ is great if you want to cook up some barbeque classics without using fuels like charcoal of gas.

With enough space to cook a meal for six people, the Yoga is excellent for short weekend trips or cooking in areas where fires aren’t allowed.

You’ll only need 4 x AA batteries to power it, but can also run it using the USB power socket provided, so there’s no need to carry bulky bags of fuel about.

Once it’s heated up, a system of fans moved the hot air around so everything will be cooked evenly!

The Dometic Smev double hob and sink unit

Why do anything less than go all out? If you’re going to be enjoying longer trips away in your camper, invest in a full on double burner with a sink built in!

Made to a really high standard by Dometic and Smev, the unit has a pair of hobs which can be used independently, as well as a sink which is actually deep enough to be useful.

Although it will need to be hooked up to gas as electricity, it will allow you to move past just barbequing in the rain and let you cook up a storm from inside your home away from home.

We also stock bundle kits which comes with all of the pipes, fittings, connectors and other parts you’ll need, as well as units which have the sink and hobs in different sizes, shapes and locations.

Robens Denali Frontier stove

Looking to keep it old school while you’re away? Want to jazz up your tent, or try your hand at glamping? Treat yourself to a frontier stove.

Easy to assemble, and capable of being taken apart for easy transportation, the Robens frontier stove is a modern take on an iconic piece of camping history.

Just as effective at keeping your tent warm as it is at cooking food, and as reliable as it is cool looking, you’ll be able to cook up all sorts of meals outside your camper, in your garden or at a festival with a frontier stove.

While caution would of course need to be used if using this in a large ‘glamping’ tent, it’s small and portable enough to be incredibly useful.

Campinaz Party Grill

Something a little more familiar than the fancy battery-powered BBQ we talked about before, Campingaz are a well-known name amongst campers, and their freestanding, gas-powered BBQ is always popular.

Designed to be taken apart and carried easily in your camper, this is one of the best ways to get that classic camping experience of grilling up dinner outside your van.

Easy to use, quick to clean and simple to pack away, you can whip the Party Grill out on a whim when you feel like making dinner in the great outdoors, and pop it away again just as fast.

It’ll run on propane or butane, and can boil water in under four minutes!

Cooking accessories

It’s not just cookers, hobs and BBQs in our cooking range, we’ve also got a huge range of accessories from the classic whistling kettle through to folding pots and pans!

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