JK's Guide to Preparing for Autumn and Winter Weather

JK's Guide to Preparing for Autumn and Winter Weather

Written by the JK Team
Published 6 September 2022
Just Kampers
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As the weather starts to take a turn for the worse here in the UK, it's probably a good idea to take a look over your VW and make sure it's ready for driving in the wet and wintry conditions we can expect for the next few months. 

To help make the task a bit less daunting, we've put together a whole suite of useful products to make driving in the autumn and winter safer, easier and more comfortable, which can totally transform how your classic or modern Volkswagen copes with the unpredictable weather which is just around the corner. 


Be safe, be seen! Those warning words may be burned into the memories of many of us, but they're no less true now than they were when we were kids. 

Making sure all your lights work, and taking a look at whether your VW would benefit from a lighting upgrade, is a key way to ensure that driving in the dark and dreary months. 

Easily overlooked, since we're basically trained to ignore them while we're driving, windscreen wipers are a quick and easy way to make a huge difference to your driving experience in the rain, snow or sleet. 

When's the last time you actually checked the condition of the rubber on your wipers? There's a good chance they've perished somewhat after being exposed to all the harsh sunlight we've had this summer, and you've likely not used them that much recently!

It goes without saying that wet roads, mud, soggy leaves and ice can all make slowing down and stopping during the autumn and winter a bit more of a challenge, especially in older Volkswagens where the brakes aren't always that great to start with. 

Give your braking system a good checkover now to make sure you're happy with it, before the poor weather really sets in. 

We've put together a whole range of service kits for different vehicles, to give you the parts you need to perform a thorough once-over on your Volkswagen to make sure it's in top shape before the weather takes a turn and you realise too late that your brake cables, lights or other key components are due a replacement.