New 2016 Sun Canopies at JK

New 2016 Sun Canopies at JK

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Published 12 November 2020
Josh Reynolds
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New 2016 Sun Canopies at JK

New 2016 Sun Canopies Now In Stock at JK! 

Sunglasses? Umbrella? Both? It’s that time of year again!
With the weather in the UK being what it is at the moment, we thought it would be a good time to make sure you’ve seen our excellent new 2016 sun canopies, which arrived at JK HQ recently.

We’ve been refining and tweaking our sun canopies for a number of years now, and these are some of the very best we’ve ever produced. They’re designed exclusively for Just Kampers and benefit from the decades of combined experience of both Just Kampers and Campershop. This collaborative work has lead to a really robust, high quality awning for a great price – especially when you consider how long it’s going to last you! 

If you’re looking for a little extra space outside your camper, and shelter from the relentless British sun or those infrequent little showers, this is the canopy for you.

Available in both retro orange and classic blue (to match our new JK Retro Awnings) each canopy is made from premium quality heavy weight cotton. Adjustable poles mean that the canopy can attach to the side of your van without hassle and make it quick and easy to set up.

The 1.2m height and make it ideal for T2 Bays and T25s. We’ve tested it extensively on our own VWs here at JK HQ and it works excellently, without being so tall that it’s difficult to set up or remove.

The dome shape allows more head room than flat canopies with the added advantage of allowing water to simply run off the canopy. Not that we’re expecting any showers, obviously!

Ideal for ‘fair weather use’, the canopy will withstand showers, but isn’t intended for high winds or heavy rain. Fortunately, it’s as easy to pack away and store on the off chance that it does rain heavily this summer! 

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