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Meteor Showers throughout 2022

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Published 1 January 2022
Heidi Padoin
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Meteor Showers throughout 2022

Want to spend a beautiful night in the great outdoors which doesn’t need to cost a penny?

Take the time to check out one of the incredible meteor showers which are due to streak across our skies this year!

There’s loads of meter shower events due this year, all of which are listed via their website. Drive out to the countryside, away from the light pollution, and lay back in a reclining chair – or just on the grass – a watch the skies.

With sites all over the UK, be sure to take a look t the various due showers, to navigate which would be most convenient for your travels!

Grab your camper and go galivanting, there's nothing better than staring into the night sky with a hot chocolate on a picnic blanket!

- Get involved, it will be a lifechanging experience!

Date: Throughout the year
Location: Across the UK
Tickets: It’s totally free! You may want to make a weekend of it and find a quiet, dark campsite to park up at, but it needn’t cost any money at all.

More information: Learn more about the events here!

Image credit to Remy, via Unsplash
Image credit to Tengyart, via Unsplash
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