Keeping A Lid On Prices

Keeping A Lid On Prices

Written by the JK Team
Published 25 February 2021
Just Kampers

After 31 years in the VW parts business we have seen lots of ‘price shocks’ and with Brexit, Covid and container prices jumping up 500% it looks like we are in for a rough ride.

However, at Just Kampers we are ‘holding prices’ for the next few months, where ever possible, to see what the situation looks like in the Spring. This way we can continue to help support the VW community in these already difficult times. 

We’ve always tried to be as fair as possible with our pricing, for example, below is an excerpt from a catalogue we produced back in 2008. 

Hopefully, everything goes back to ‘normal’ and we can maintain our competitive prices.

Mark Reynolds, Just Kampers MD and fellow VW owner

3 years ago