JK's Brazilian VW Variant

JK's Brazilian VW Variant

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JK's Brazilian VW Variant

This is the beautiful Brazilian Volkswagen 1600 Variant that we’re giving away in our latest competition.

A few months back, Mark Reynolds (MD of Just Kampers) went on a trip to Brazil. He and his wife, Kerry, spent a few weeks travelling around the country meeting suppliers, sourcing new parts for JK, and checking out the range of classic VWs that were available in Brazil.
Whilst there he was blown away by the classic VW scene in Brazil and wanted to purchase some amazing vehicles and bring them back to the UK.

In total, Mark and Kerry have imported the following Brazilian VWs back to the UK, including:

  • Brazilian VW Type 1600 Variant in red
  • VW Type 1600 Variant in blue
  • Puma GTE
  • VW Type 2 Split Screen Wide Pickup
  • Porsche 914
  • VW Brazilia
  • VW Karmann Ghia TC
  • VW Type 2 Split Screen

However, it’s the red Brazilian Variant we’ll be discussing today, and it’s this vehicle we’re expecting to receive the most interest, because we’re giving it away with Just Kampers Insurance!

The end result of a mothballed project carried out by Wolfsburg in Germany, these vehicles are not a Type 3, or based on a Type 3. In fact, the only parts they share 1600 twin carb pancake engine. Built exclusively in Brazil from 1969 to 1977, it’s incredibly rare to see one outside the country, especially as exporting vehicles from Brazil is such a headache.

Brazilian VW Variant Interior

Many of the parts on this vehicle were designed and created exclusively for this model, which sold 256,760 units, but, as you might have guessed, Volkswagen Brazil didn’t completely break the tradition of reusing a multitude of existing VW parts in the creation of their Brazilian Variant. The headlights are from the German Type 4 412, and it sports late Beetle handles and Beetle front beam.

The Brazilian Variant contrasts beautifully with the European Type 3 that Mark also tracked down in Brazil. It’s a really beautiful example, and Mark knew he had to have it as soon as he found it. Its rarity and unique looks, plus its fantastic condition, make it an excellent addition to any collector’s garage, but it’s also a super drivable vehicle. It was designed to be used by families, so has a spacious feel and practical, sturdy interior, uniquely created for the Brazilian Variant.

Brazilian VW Variant Rear

We’ll be sad to see it go once the winner of the competition has been announced on December 1st, but we’ve still got a few months to soak in all the amazing details of this super-rare Volkswagen until that happens.

The specifications of the Brazilian VW Type 1600 Variant are:-

  • Model:  VW 1600 Variant
  • Manufacturer: VW do Brazil.
  • Produced: 1969 to 1977
  • Engine: 1584cc
  • Top speed: 135kmh / 83.9mph
  • 0 to 62mph: 21.2 seconds
  • Length: 4138mm
  • Wheelbase: 2400mm
  • Width: 1.98
  • Weight: 925 kg
  • Fuel capacity: 40Litres
  • Fuel Consumption 8/L per 100km
Brazilian VW Variant Engine


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