JK Staff Cars: Meg Cave’s Project Bug, Working on the Chassis

Since my last blog post the team and I have made a lot of progress working on Kimberley. From February, we have collected every panel that we’ll need for her, so now it is just a case of cutting her up and putting it all back together!

I also had the chance to buy back my boyfriend Luke’s first ever VW Beetle, which he sold a while back. It only needed a little bit of work to be back on the road, and as there’s still a lot of work to do on my current project, it was pretty temping! However, the seller pulled out, so I couldn’t be the proud owner of a Chinchilla Grey 68 Bug. 

A few weeks ago, Luke and I worked on the chassis, removing the beam, rear suspension and gearbox. I also spent some time taking off the EMPI 8 wheels, getting them ready to be sold. The tyres will be taken off and put onto the new Sprintstars when they’re ready to be fitted onto Kimberley.

The old beam I have now given to Luke’s dad, Neil. He’s narrowed the beam by 4” and will be using it on his own Beetle. I got my new beam from Steve here at JK, is also narrowed 4”, but is adjustable. It needs to be converted back to RHD, though, so that’s another job on the list!

My friend Ash spent a day cutting out my old pans as they were rotting, so next week we are going to spend some time cleaning up my chassis, getting it completely ready for the new pans to be welded in. Once we have completed this then we will move onto the body, seeing what else needs to be done to her and where we should begin. So, expect a big report over the next coming weeks!