JK Show Report: VolksWorld Show 2023

JK Show Report: VolksWorld Show 2023

JK's Marketing & PR Director
Published 21 March 2023
Josh Reynolds

We’re just back from an amazing VolksWorld 2023, and what we weekend! It was incredible to see so many of you drop by the Just Kampers stand at the show, and to get such great feedback from all of you. 

A massive Thank You to everyone who came by and helped make the weekend such an incredible event for all of us – we really appreciate it! 

Let’s start with some Thank-Yous!

The whole Just Kampers team want to say a huge Thank You to the hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of people who came to the stand to see us.

Whether you were looking to snap up some show-exclusive bargains, JK trade customers looking to catch up with Shaun and Chet (who head up our trade sales team), fans of Dom Chinea who came along to say hi and ask for a selfie, old friends wanting a chat and a coffee, or totally new faces who wanted to find out what Just Kampers is all about. 

I can’t personally remember our stand ever being busier at the VolksWorld Show, so thank you all for making weeks of planning very much worthwhile! 

Our secret new product is…

… brand new, turnkey air-cooled engines! 

The latest addition to our top-quality Preservation Parts range, each of these turn-key engines has been hand-built by our friends at The VW Engine Company (who also had a great stand at the VolksWorld Show). 

These complete engine units are built using a huge array of new parts, specifically for your vehicle. 

Each one has been tested, fired up, run in, adjusted, and approved before being sent out to you, so all that’s left for you to do is to install the unit. As the old saying goes ‘it’s just four bolts!’ 

Dom’s Mum’s 1955 Oval is now sold!

Dom Chinea, from BBC’s The Repair Shop and his own super popular YouTube channel joined the JK Team at the VolksWorld Show on Saturday 18 March. Accompanied by Honest John, who many of you will recognise from Dom’s YouTube channel, he was on hand to answer questions about his mum’s 1955 Oval Beetle which was up for sale at the weekend. 

We had a massive number of people drop by to take a look at the super original right-hand drive Oval throughout the weekend, which was fantastic. Dom has been working hard (with some support from Just Kampers) to get his mum’s Beetle ready for the VolksWorld Show, after it had been stored away for 15 years.

Not to spoil his latest YouTube series, but the Oval did make it to the stand, where it was promptly put up for sale – and sold almost as quickly! 

To whom? Well, you’ll have to wait for an official update from Dom on his YouTube channel, so make sure you’re subscribed to catch the end of the story.

Thanks again to Dom and Honest John for joining us at the show, it was great to catch up and chat about your project VWs! 

Honest John (left), Dom Chinea (middle) and Toby Lee (right) 

Amazing work, Chloe

It wasn’t just Dom Chinea’s Oval which drew crowds at the VolksWorld Show this weekend – our indoor JK stand also hosted a really gorgeous VW T2 Bay owned by Just Kampers customer Chloe Grimshaw, which was parked up right in the middle of our stand for the weekend. 

The Bay, named Phillis, has undergone an incredible restoration, and only got back on the road a couple of weeks ago, but by the way Chloe parked it between a concrete pillar and a wall in front of a small crowd while we were setting up on Friday, you’d think she’d been driving it daily for years! 

It was great to be able to show off all the hard work and dedication that one of our customers has put into their camper, and to see just how well it had come out in the end, too. 

We hope Chloe has some amazing adventures with her T2 Bay, Phillis, now it’s back on the road!

Thanks to Matt, Reece, and Nick, too!

We had some more customer cars parked outside at the VolksWorld Show, too, with Matt, Reece, and Nick each bringing an awesome Beetle to the event and parking it up in our JK Customer Display Area. 

We had a few people drop out, for various totally understandable reasons, so if we do the display area again next year we’ll be sure to offer them the first spots! 

I actually ended up parking Jack the Giant Slayer at the display area, partly because a space had freed up at the last minute, and partly because the weather wasn’t great on Saturday morning, and I didn’t fancy walking through the car park in the rain! 

If you don’t know who Jack is, click here to read all about our 1956 Oval Beetle which took on the Mille Miglia. 

Thanks again to Reece, Nick, and Matt for letting us show off their Beetles, and even if a couple of their VWs don’t like being out in the rain! 

Reece's gorgeous 1955 Oval 

Nick's slammed '67 Beetle

Matt's awesome '67 Beetle

‘Workshop Mark’ draws a crowd

After joking that Dom Chinea and Honest John were a ‘warm up act’ for our very own YouTube star ‘Workshop Mark’, who has a much smaller but still very passionate following, it was great to see so many people drop by the Just Kampers stand for a chat! 

‘Workshop Mark’ is our full time mechanic here at Just Kampers, and is usually found in our workshop testing out new parts and accessories, as well as filming how-to videos for our YouTube channel and hosting our ‘Workshop Wednesday’ livestreams. 

He’s started referring to himself as ‘Workshop Mark’ so he doesn’t get confused with Mark Reynolds, who founded Just Kampers back in 1989

Mark was also at the show all weekend, while ‘Workshop Mark’ could only join us for Sunday, but both Marks had a great time chatting with customers, traders, friends and anyone else who dropped by the Just Kampers stand. 

New JK stickers

If you dropped by the Just Kampers stand at the VolksWorld Show this weekend you likely saw our new JK stickers, which we were handing out. By the end of the show we were seeing them everywhere, and we handed out loads, so we hope you like them as much as we do. 

Just Kampers hasn’t done stickers for a while now, as we’ve been looking for a way of creating them which doesn’t result in loads of plastic waste. Luckily, we found an environmentally friendly printing process and a fully recyclable plastic from our friends at Hayburner Print, so there’s no stopping us now! 

We think they look great, and judging by the number that we gave out over the weekend, you all seem to agree. 

If you’re lucky you might get a sticker in your next order from JK, so don’t say we never treat you to anything!

The smiley 'JK Guy' on our new die-cut stickers. We should come up with a better name for him...

And the winner is…

If you entered our Win a LEGO Camper competition at the VolksWorld Show, you won’t have long to wait until Just Kampers Insurance announces which of you has won the sought-after prize. 

With LEGO no longer making these awesome campervan kits, we had loads of people enter our prize draw, so keep an ear out for a call from the JK Team, as we’ll be ringing the winner with the great news that their evening entertainment is sorted for the foreseeable future! 

Make sure you sign up to our email newsletter to hear about future competitions and giveaways. 

If you weren’t able to drop by for a vehicle cover quote from Just Kampers Insurance, then click here to get an online quote or request a call back! 

We had our Magnum Edition VW T25 on display, with it's newly-installed Golf GTi engine on show

Water-logged water-cooleds

Those of you who braved the intermittent rain and muddy grass to check out the trio of water-cooled VWs will have seen a couple of our recent project vehicles: our VW T6.1 Swamper, and the Magnum Edition VW T25 which we fitted with a new engine from a Golf GTi. 

We also had Project 22, the VW T6.1 which we transformed from an entry-level van into a dream camper for less than £10,000 last year.

We brought along a load of JK deckchairs, which was maybe a bit optimistic given the weather forecast, but still had loads of people drop by for a chat about some of our exclusive products like the JK Solar Charging Screen (which was still working really well, despite the lack of direct sunlight!) and our new JK Sliding Door Storage Pod

Project 22, the VW T6.1 we transformed from a bare van into a dream camper, cost us less than £10,000 to do. 

See you at another show soon

We’ll be heading to dozens of different VW shows throughout the rest of 2023, as well as heading to as many weird and wonderful events from our list of 100 Things to do for Under £100 - hopefully we’ll see you there! 

Click here to check out our calendar of VW shows and events in 2023

Curious about what a family of four can get up to for less than a hundred pounds? Click here to see Just Kampers’ list of 100 Things to do for Under £100.

Our JK Customer Display Area

Dom's Oval, the JK Team, and some happy customers

Written by Josh Reynolds, Head of Marketing at Just Kampers 

1 year ago