JK at the Petermax Müller 2022

JK at the Petermax Müller 2022

JK's Marketing & PR Director
Published 21 June 2022
Josh Reynolds

JK founder and chairman Mark Reynolds is taking part in the 2022 Petermax Müller event, before heading to Hessisch Oldendorf ’22.

Mark’s been sending us photos from the event which have had the rest of the JK Team sick with envy, so we thought we’d better share them so you can wish you were there, too!

So what is the Petermax Müller?
Organised by the ‘Old Timer Old Speed Club’, the Petermax Müller is an event held every two years, with attendees being specifically invited.

The event coincides with either the Hessisch Oldendorf show, or with Bad Camberg, depending on what’s happening that year.

It goes without saying that Mark was really honoured to be invited along, and leapt at the chance to take part!

All of the vehicles which take part have to meet specific criteria and be period-correct, which means that the standard of cars at the show is really high, with some beautiful early VWs and Porsches showing up each time the Petermax Müller is held.

You can click here to see the full requirements for vehicles to enter the Petermax Müller.

Image credit to Georg from the Petermax Muller team

Why’s it called Petermax Müller?
The event is named after a famous German racing driver called Petermax Müller.

Born in 1912, he won the Monte-Carlo Rallye aboard a 1000cc DKW at the age of 26 (in 1938), and finished second in the Monte-Carlo Rallye the following year.

Over the course of his career, Müller would take part in a huge number of prestigious racing events, and broke several world records.

Click here to read more about Petermax’ impressive racing record.

Image credit to petermaxrennen.org

What’s Mark up to during the 2022 Petermax Müller?
There’s a packed itinerary for the three-day event.

Yesterday (Monday 20 June) saw the attendees and their classic VWs and Porsches meet for a tour of the Autostadt VW Museum, before joining back up for registration and a barbecue and party afterwards.

Today (Tuesday 21 June) they’ll be visiting the Autostadt reserve collection, which is not normally seen by the public.

After that, they’ll be doing some sight-seeing around Wolfsburg, followed by a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of some historically important sights around the city. They’ll then be having a tour of Petermax Müller’s home town, and visiting the Petermax Müller ‘race car factory’.

That evening, they’ll be heading towards the German Alps, and spending the night there.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 22 June) they’ll be taking part in a navigation rally in the afternoon, which will see the cars compete in the official rally for the 2022 Petermax Müller. After their navigation rally, they’ll be cruising on to Hessisch Oldendorf, ready for the big show this weekend!

We’ll keep you updated with photos as Mark keeps sending them through – if we have to be incredibly jealous, you have to be, too!

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