Hygge and Campervans – The Perfect Partnership?

Hygge and Campervans – The Perfect Partnership?

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Hygge and Campervans – The Perfect Partnership?

Hygge is a big thing. It even made the Oxford Dictionary’s shortlist for Word Of The Year! For many of us, (non-Danes), it's represented in the media with strong wistful imagery of beautiful people draped in hand knitted cosy blankets, in immaculately styled houses, with open fires roaring as they sip steaming cups of freshly brewed coffee – all bathed in gentle flickering candlelight.

Perhaps we may be a little guilty of borrowing the best of another culture and tainting its purity of heart for media purposes, but the good news is that in having and enjoying your campervan, without even being aware of it - you are probably already indulging in Hygge!

Pronounced “Hoo-guh,” it seems to be the latest sought-after status, the new lifestyle statement. And with Danes purported to be the happiest people in the world it’s no surprise that we are seeking its source…



So, what is it? Many maintain that it cannot be quantified because Hygge is in fact many things, however the definition offered by the English Oxford Living Dictionary is “A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.”

In truth Hygge is far less contrived than the current media frenzy would have you believe. It is perfect in its simplicity.



Hygge is found in many things and many moments. Rather like an extension of mindfulness it is allowing yourself to be present in a moment. Taking stock, enjoying simple pleasures. It can be time enjoyed in peaceful solitude or surrounded by the warmth of friends.

As anyone who owns a campervan knows all too well, life with one tends to be enjoyed a slower pace.


The highlights are many and enjoyed in a much more visceral way. Our campervans naturally allow for a cosy intimate feeling to invade our consciousness. We enjoy mugs of hot chocolate, s’mores full of gooey marshmallows and conversations held long into the night around the warmth of a campfire. We cook simple food to share with others. We take refuge from the rain, listening to the sound of it on the roof as we play cards around a table with family, or enjoy the simple pleasure of a good book as we snuggle deeper into our favourite blanket or duvet.

Whether realising it or not many of us live a Hygge lifestyle and are being enriched by it, it’s just for us it has always been called camper life…



How to maintain the Hygge lifestyle:

Treat yourself by preparing a ready to go Hygge basket of goodies that is always ready to use at home or away. Include your favourite comfy blanket, books, delicious treats to share, a pack of cards, hot chocolate and battery powered candles and fairy lights.

Indulge yourself in the things that make you feel contented – take time out to enjoy these with the family and friends you love.

Find joy in the simple things and be in the moment.

Be still and enjoy.

As the tail end of winter marches on, take a tip from the Danes if you’re venturing out for some early spring camping this year:

Be happy and Hygge!

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If you're interested in finding out which products we used to help us encapsulate the hygge lifestyle here at JK HQ, then we've put together a list for you, which includes everything you can see in the pictures above (except for the food!).

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