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How to Fit JK's VW T25 Stainless Steel Full Exhaust Kit

JK's Marketing & PR Director
Published 12 August 2022
Josh Reynolds

We're really proud of our Just Kampers exclusive complete stainless steel exhaust kit for the VW T25. It's excellent quality, really well made, and so good that we added it to our Preservation Parts range, which only includes the very best products available on the market for your classic VW. 

It was great to see that the guys at Rat 'n' Retro also love the kit, enough that Sam from The VW Engine Company created a video reviewing and fitting the exhaust system to Lizzy, his 1988 VW T25.

They made the video a couple of years ago, before we made the decision to stop including little bags of Haribo in our orders to cut down on the amount of plastic we're using at JK HQ, but the rest of the information is totally accurate! 

Check out their video here: 

Video credit to Rat 'n' Retro, via YouTube

About the JK-exclusive VW T25 stainless steel full exhaust kit
We're confident that you'll get a huge amount of value for your money with this exhaust kit, which is why it's in our Preservation Parts range. It's a beautifully made, direct swap for the rusted, tired or damaged exhaust on your VW T25 (or T3, if you prefer), and the awesome video from Rat 'n' Retro really highlights that. 

The kit gets you the silencer, pipes, pre-heat sections, straps, gaskets, bolts and other fittings you'll need to install your brand new silencer kit. The main components have been made from SAE 304 stainless steel, which gives it better resistance to both corrosion and heat. 

Designed to fit the VW T25 from 1985 to 1992 with either a 1900cc or 2100cc engine, but won't fit on Synchros or Transporters with a catalytic converter. If you're looking to fit it to pre-1985 water-cooled vehicles you absolutely can, and you'll just need to purchase a pair of brackets (J19650 and J19651) and the additional mounting kit (J42396). 

Sold with a 5-year, non-transferable warranty covering faulty workmanship or rust - that's potentially a lot of miles covered! 

Click here to find out more about this exclusive T25 exhaust kit

Who are Rat 'n' Retro?
A trio of friends who met at secondary school, the Rat 'n' Retro guys are chronicalling their journeys through the world of classic cars, retro VWs, racing, and events across social media and their website.

Sammy, Charlie and George are planning on putting together a load of cool new video series', including more on Sam's drift Beetle and a North Coast 500 rally for £500 - both of which sound right up our street! 

The video review they did on our stainless steel T25 exhaust kit was part of their Auto Know Better series, and you can watch the rest of them here

You can also find them on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok

Image credits to Rat 'n' Retro, via Instagram

About Preservation Parts:
As we mentioned earlier, this stainless steel exhaust kit is part of our Preservation Parts range, which includes only the best parts and accessories for classic VWs. 

We've hand picked every item which makes it into the Preservation Parts range, testing them ourselves on our own vehicles, either in our own garages or the workshop on-site here at JK HQ. The simplist test is: would we be happy fitting it to our own vehicles? 

A lot of the Preservation Parts range is made up of JK-exclusive panels for the Splitscreen, Bay window and T25, all of which are made on-site here in Odiham, Hampshire, in the unit next to Just Kampers. 

This year we're celebrating 10 Years of Preservation Parts, and continue to work on refining and improving the range to help you make sure you've got the very best bits for your classic Volkswagen. 

Earlier this summer we put together a video to give you some insight into how these UK-made panels are created, which you can see here: 

Click here for more information about Preservation Parts, and to shop the range so you get quality you can rely on for years to come. 

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