How To Avoid Vehicle Theft

How To Avoid Vehicle Theft

Written by the JK Team
Published 12 November 2020
Just Kampers

Thefts of our beloved VWs are becoming more and more common these days, and it has us worried here at JK HQ.  These aren't just cars, anyone who's owned one knows they are part of the family, and when one is stolen it leaves a real hole in your life.  It's terrible to see so many posts across the internet from people who've had their VW stolen, so we're determined to try and help people out however we can. 

We have highlighted a few steps you can take to avoid having your VW stolen as another way of helping curb the current rise in vehicle thefts.

Keep it locked!

It might sound simple, and we're not trying to patronising, but many car thefts occur because the owners haver the vehicle unattended 'just for a moment' at a cashpoint, fast food place, petrol station or supermarket, just because the doors were left unlocked.  Don't give thieves the opportunity!


Take care of your keys!

It seems there's been a rise in thefts of car keys, as well as vehicles themselves, simply because keys are often less protected than cars.  When at home, keep your keys hidden from sight and away from doors or windows - opportunistic thieves will use wire hooks to swipe keys through your letterbox and then steal your car straight off your driveway!


Don't leave the keys in the ignition ...

Again, we're not trying to be patronising, but for us dubbers this is actually a huge one during the winter months.  The temptation to leave your VW running on your drive while it de-ices itself (or tries to) and nip back in for a cuppa is huge, and we've all thought about it, but over the last few winters a record number of vehicles have been stolen this way, and if your VW was stolen in this way your insurance company won't pay out!

Best to make a brew and take it out to your VW and wait for it to de-ice there, even if it is cold.

Park in your garage, if at all possible

If you're lucky enough to have a garage, then please make sure you use it.  If your VW isn't immediately visible then it's much, much less likely to be targeted by thieves, and even if they do spot it or know it's there, a garage is an extra level of security and an extra obstacle they have to get past, so it really does hugely reduce your chances of having your 'dub stolen. 

If you can't park in a garage, park smart!

Not all of us have access to a garage, but it's not the end of the world - a combination of the following will make your VW such a chore to steal that it will massively deter thieves. 

  • Leave it in gear with the handbrake on and the wheels facing the curb, to avoid it being towed.
  • Park in a well lit area
  • Find a spot you can see from your house
  • Park near (but not too near!) other vehicles
  • If you park on a driveway and own a modern car - part this infront of your VW as it will be harder to move out of the way to get to your VW.

Disconnect the ignition

Simple, but effective.  Disconnect the distributor cap, remove the rotor arm and coil lead and lock the engine lid.  This combined with the tips above will make your VW a lot harder to steal.  It'll take you an extra couple of minutes each time you park up at home or before you set off, but anything is better than having your VW stolen!

Invest in it's security

Youve already invested a huge amount of time, money, love and energy into your VW, so spending a little more to make sure that you never have to face the gutwrenching feeling of finding your VW missing is a smart investment.

If you're losing sleep over the idea of your VW being stolen, then wheel clamps and steering locks are a good place to start!


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