International Picnic Day 2022

International Picnic Day 2022

Written by the JK Team
Published 29 December 2022
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International Picnic Day is just around the corner! It’s a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sights of the great British countryside, or even just your back garden, while tucking into some indulgent food!

The weather forecast for the coming weekend shows sunny skies around most of the UK. You know what that means…perfect weather for a picnic! It’s time to slap on the sun cream and get out in the camper.

When: Saturday 18th June 2022.

Location: All over the UK.

Image credit to Toa Heftiba, via Unsplash

What’s International Picnic Day all about?

This holiday is to celebrate the history and origin of picnic culture. As we understand, the first concept of what we recognise as a modern picnic, came about around the time of the French Revolution. It’s said that the name picnic also came from the French language, originally derived from the phrase pique-nique. This phrase was used to describe a group of people that dined at restaurants but brought their own wine from home.

After the French revolution, royal parks were opened to the public for the first time. It’s thought the newly found access for the general public lead to people eating outside, popularising the idea of picnics.

The holiday isn’t exactly one in favour of any fundraising or charity, but that doesn’t make it any less worthwhile to celebrate! It’s a good opportunity to learn about the origins of culture and customs, while also making the most of the great outdoors. This holiday may even spur you and your family to spend a day at the local museum!

Historic events

Picnics can be as low-key or as large-scale as you like.

On Bastille Day, in the year 2000, France organised a 600-mile-long picnic along its coastline to celebrate the new millennium.

Picnics in the past, have even been used as a method of protest. In 1989, a protest in favour of German reunification took place along the Hungarian and Austrian border. 

Image credit to Brett Jordan, via Unsplash

A picnic was hosted on the border as a symbol of East-West reconciliation, during which the closed frontier would have been open for several hours. This was a significant milestone and was a blatant sign of the evolving politics in Europe at the time.

How to celebrate

To put it simply, it’s the best day to host a picnic!

With recent influence from the Platinum Jubilee, households are looking for an excuse to enjoy a little get-together. International Picnic Day could be a great opportunity to organise a gathering between friends, family, and neighbours. Fancy a low-key garden party? It’s another chance to enjoy the outdoors, make new friends and socialise.

Alternatively, it’s a great excuse to get out in the camper! Make the most of the beautiful weather and take the friends and family out on a trip to the local park; maybe even travel a little further. There’s plenty of parks across the UK which would qualify as a brilliant place for a small family picnic. If this idea takes your fancy, here’s a brief itinerary, to help you prepare.

Day trip itinerary:

  • Pack a bag: Suncream, picnic blanket, flask of tea, etc.,
  • Fill a cool box with your favourite foods: Olives, fresh bread, ham, small bottle of wine, ice, crisps, cheese, etc.,
  • Pack the camper: Camping chairs and other bits,
  • Drive to a country park of choice!

If you’re looking for local picnic areas/ parks to travel to, follow this link. This will take you to a Google landing page which will help you navigate which country parks are closest to you!

Are you equipped for your picnic?

Why not take a pew at some of our camping equipment, it might be exactly what you’re looking for to accompany you on those family day trips!

Here's some of the tableware we sell:

If you’re getting out in the camper, then you’ll want to carry the right equipment! At times like these where everyone is more environmentally aware, it’s important to reduce waste. If you get yourself a smash resistant melamine tableware set, you’ll have yourself some reusable equipment to replace the paper plates. Help to unpopularize throw-away culture; simply wash up and they’re ready to go for next time!


We’ve also got a variety of cool boxes

Different cool boxes are suited to different scenarios. If you’re an avid camper that often spends at least a weekend away, then our 45lt Just Kampers Electric Compressor Cool Box may be more suited to your needs. For a simple day trip away though, our JK Turquoise Retro 17 Litre Cool Box might be more your thing. Here’s a few to choose from:

Carrying your stuff

If you’re walking a short distance from your vehicle to your picnic stop, it’s handy to have a carrying trolley to help you out. If this is the case, why not have a look at the Kampa Trucker Trolleys or Coleman Folding Wagons? 

Cooking on the go?

Whether you’re camping, enjoying a picnic, or entertaining your friends at your home, a BBQ will get everyone in the mood for summer. Make sure that your BBQ setup is ready to go, is it time to restock your gas or coals?

We hope we’ve inspired you to make this Saturday a holiday to remember! It’s healthy to get outside, enjoy the sun, and make the most of the quality company that you have. Spending time with your family and friends, no matter how simple the plans, makes for a perfect weekend. So long as you remember the sun cream, there’s no reason not to enjoy the summer sun this weekend, maybe even rock up to a campsite and enjoy a picnic for every meal!

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