JK's Winter Deals – Save up to 10% with Just Kampers

JK's Winter Deals – Save up to 10% with Just Kampers

Written by the JK Team
Published 13 October 2022
Just Kampers

Save up to 10% on parts and accessories for your VW with our Winter Restoration Deals and Camper Conversion Deals

After their popularity last year, our two massive deals are back, helping you to save if you're restoring your classic VW over the winter, or you're looking to convert your van into a camper.

Thousands of different parts and accessories are now marked up with a red or green SAVE icon - Red means they're included in the Winter Restoration Deals, and green means they're part of our Camper Conversion Deals

Add five or more of these parts to your order, and you'll get a discount at the checkout based on the total. You'll save 5%, 7% or 10%, depending on how much you're spending. 

This discount applies to everything in your basket (with the exception of some products, listed below), and the threshold for saving money with JK's Camper Conversion Deals has been lowered to match our Winter Restoration Deals. 

JK's Winter Restoration Deals 

Save up to 10% on the things you need to start and finish your classic VW restoration project from Just Kampers.

Put five or more products in your basket with the red JK Winter Restoration Deals icon and save:

5% off on orders over £500,
7% off on orders over £700,
10% off on orders over £1,000.

The discount will now be applied to everything in your basket, not just the five-or-more products marked as being part of JK's Winter Restoration Deals. There are a few exceptions, listed below, which won't have the discount applied. 

JK’s Camper Conversion Deals

Get up to 10% off the parts you need to transform an entry-level van into your dream camper, with Just Kampers.

Add five or more products marked with JK's Camper Conversion Deals and you'll save:

5% off on orders over £500,
7% off on orders over £700,
10% off on orders over £1,000.

You'll now save money on everything in your basket, rather than just the products marked as being in JK's Camper Conversion Deals. 

We’ve recently finished transforming our own plain VW T6.1 panel van into a stylish, practical camper – and did the whole thing for less than £10,000! Now we’re offering you money off the parts you’ll need to convert your own camper in time for Spring.

How do JK’s Winter Restoration Deals and Camper Conversion Deals work?

There are thousands of products on the JK site which are marked as being part of one of these two deals - but you can't "mix and match" the deals. 

Simply add five or more products with matching icons to your basket, and, if the total of your basket is £500 or over, everything in the basket will be discounted (except for the products listed below). 

Here are the icons you’re looking for:

Here's the icon for JK's Winter Restoration Deals

Here's the icon for JK's Camper Conversion Deals


Q: Does this cancel out my 10% discount from Just Kampers Insurance?

A: Not at all – you’ll get both discounts!

If you’ve got a Just Kampers Insurance policy, then the discount you get from the Winter Restoration Deals or Camper Conversion Deals will be applied on top of the 10% off you already get as a Just Kampers Insurance customer. This means you’ll be saving 10%, and then up to 10% again!

Parts Excluded From the Deals

The discount from JK’s Winter Restoration Deals and Camper Conversion Deals exclude the following:
Special order products such as engines and gearboxes,
Some Dometic products, including their CRX50 fridge,
Propex and Eberspächer heaters,
Just Kampers Gift Vouchers,
JK bundle kits, which are already highly discounted.

Terms & Conditions

These offers end at 23:59 on Sunday 31 March 2024. 

 Your discount will apply to everything in your basket, with the exeption of the products mentioned above. 

These offers are available for general retail and Just Kampers Insurance customers only, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts, such as our Owners Club Discount.

You must have five or more valid products in your basket to qualify for the discount. These valid products are those tagged with one of the above icons. 

 The total of your basket must be over £500 to qualify for JK’s Winter Restoration Deals or JK’s Camper Conversion Deals.

 Only one of the above discounts will be applied at the checkout, either the Winter Restoration Deal or Camper Conversion Deal.
If you’re putting together an order which includes parts which would be valid in both deals, you’ll need to put them through as two separate orders, to ensure that our checkout system applies the discount correctly.

 JK Gift Vouchers are exempt from both the JK’s Winter Restoration Deals and JK’s Camper Conversion Deals, and cannot be used to increase the value of your basket.

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