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Club RocUp

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Club RocUp

JK are proud to support RocUp PopUp sessions, and, even better would like to offer RocUp followers the opportunity to benefit from our Club Discount. Interested in Camping and Leisure goods, VW mechanical, panel or campervan conversion parts at a specially discounted price? Read on...

We all know that our VW's enable us to get outdoors and enjoy life. In recognition of this we are proud to support a number of ventures that promote being active outdoors and represent the different passions that we all have.

One of these activities is climbing, and as such we are very proud to have an association with RocUp. We have supplied an Outwell Day Shelter to help shelter participants from the elements, Cadac's for the all important Bacon Butties as well as some other camping essentials.

Rocup, rather uniquely, offers the opportunity for climbers to spend time learning from a range of highly regarded Climbing Professionals and Coaches. Whether it be on ROCUP holidays or daytime POPUP sessions. These have been immensely popular and have had very positive feedback from those lucky enough to experience them.

Credit; Liam Lonsdale

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (Photograph Credit: Liam Lonsdale)

 In recognition of this partnership we'd like to offer RocUp followers and participants the opportunity to benefit from our discount scheme.

You will receive a personalised discount card, access to discount via our website or our dedicated sales team, exclusive special offers, and priority dispatch.

There are further benefits that include use of the JK workshop, sponsorship opportunities for club meets or show support etc.

Credit: Liam Lonsdale

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Photograph Credit: Liam Lonsdale)

This is a completely free service.

If you are interested please contact:

[email protected]


Provide details of name, address and telephone number and vehicle details if applicable, and confirm email that you intend to use to log into the Just Kampers site.

Rob will confirm receipt of your email and that you have been set up on the system, he will then print and send your personalised discount card along with instructions for use.


Credit: Liam Lonsdale

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (Photograph Credit: Liam Lonsdale)


Thanks and credit for all photographs go to Liam Lonsdale. We appreciate the opportunity to use his stunning images taken on one of the Rocup Holidays. Pictures are used in this blog with his kind permission and should not be copied. To see more of his work or for links to his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other ways to connect please visit:

For more information on the excellent RocUp Holidays and PopUp Sessions please see:

Have fun out there!



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