Christmas Quiz 2020

Christmas Quiz 2020

Written by the JK Team
Published 18 March 2021
Just Kampers
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Christmas Quiz 2020

Christmas Quiz Challenge

Board games are out this year so get those thinking caps on and crack out our Christmas Quiz. It is a mix of classic quiz type questions, care of resident quiz master, Lorah and a dash of genius via the illustrative talents of Lucy Inglis in the form of a car quiz. Challenge yourself or family members and see who will reign supreme…


  1. In the song “Frosty the Snowman”, who or what made Frosty come to life?
  2. How many reindeer are featured in the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas”?
  3. In “The Muppet Christmas Carol”, who played Scrooge?
  4. What holiday movie sequel includes a cameo by Donald Trump?
  5. How many presents were given in total in the song “12 Days of Christmas”?
  6. Shakespeare wrote a play for Elizabeth I as a Christmas present, which was it?
  7. In which country was eggnog invented?
  8. Which famous author wrote the first-ever Kings Christmas Message broadcast in 1932?
  9. Who banned Christmas carols after the English Civil War?
  10. What colour are mistletoe berries?
  11. Which reindeer name means ‘thunder’?
  12. What is Santa called in Germany?
  13. Why was the Grinch so mean?
  14. Which American holiday was Jingle Bells originally intended for?
  15. Which food should you stir clockwise when making to give you good luck during the 12 days of Christmas?
  16. What is the date of the Twelfth Night?
  17. Who plays the Prime Minister in Love Actually?
  18. On which street does a Christmas miracle take place?
  19. Santa hasn’t always been dressed in red, which colour did he wear previously?
  20. Which ocean is Christmas Island in?


Picture Quiz  

Picture Quiz

To enjoy more of Lucy’s illustrative quizzes, visit her FB page or

Thanks to Lucy for agreeing to share the quiz with us!

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Quiz Answers

  1. Old Silk Hat
  2. 8
  3. Michael Caine
  4. Home Alone 2
  5. 364
  6. The Merry Wives of Windsor
  7. England
  8. Rudyard Kipling
  9. Oliver Cromwell
  10. White
  11. Donner
  12. Kris Kringle
  13. His heart was two sizes too small
  14. Thanksgiving
  15. Mince pies
  16. 5th January
  17. Hugh Grant
  18. 34th Street
  19. Green
  20. Indian

Picture Quiz Answers

  1. Audi
  2. Renault
  3. Mitsubishi
  4. Buick
  5. Porsche
  6. Lancia
  7. Aston Martin
  8. Lamborghini
  9. Mclaren
  10. Toyota
  11. Kia
  12. Infiniti
  13. Hyundai
  14. Mini Cooper
  15. Chevrolet
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